How to export Google Docs documents to other formats

How to export documents from Google Docs to other formats

Google Docs is a platform for office automation of Google is reaching a remarkable popularity in recent years because it is a very interesting alternative to Office, thanks to its capabilities collaborative network (something to which is still far from achieving Microsoft ) and its free nature . We tell you in a few steps how you can export files from Google Docs to various formats and how to upload documents to Google Docs .

To access the Google office suite , simply visit its website or through the top bar that appears in many of the company's services (including the search engine) when we identify with our Google account . Google Docs is available in the "more" menu and then "Docs". The first view that appears shows us a list with all the documents that we have saved in Google Docs (or that we have uploaded from the computer). An interesting tool to save our files on the web is Google Cloud Connect , with which documents can be uploaded directly from Office .

How to upload files to Google Docs

To export documents to various formats, we choose the desired file or files and then click on the "more" menu and then on "Download" . A menu will appear in which to choose the different formats in which the documents can be exported (including HTML pages , odt files, Word files or PDF documents ). In the case of documents that already belonged to Office programs and that we have uploaded, it is only allowed to download in the same format that they already had when uploading them. If you want to convert these formats, the solution is to open the file and then click on "modify online" so that it is saved in the Google Docs format . It can then be converted to other formats.

To upload the files to Google Docs you must click on the upload icon next to the "create" button on the left side of the screen. Google allows uploading both files and entire folders, as long as they are within the space limits of Docs (the free version allows a maximum of 1 GB of space to be stored in the service ). Once we have selected the files, we can choose between keeping the format in which the files were or converting them to Google documents to be able to work with them online.