Fortnite season 4: all the secrets to succeed

Fortnite season 4: all the secrets to succeed

Epic Games has released Season 4 of Fortnite. This update comes with important news. The new version 14.00 improves the map and includes new characters, challenges and weapons in the Battle Royale mode. The Creative Mode also comes with new features, although the most important thing in this case are the bug fixes in the gameplay, weapons and items and more. If you want to know all the secrets to succeed in season 4 of Fortnite, read on.

How could it be otherwise, the map of season 4 improves. In the second chapter the Pleasant Park location has been replaced by Doom's Domain , a new Doctor Doom fortress. The Patituerta Platform is also eliminated, something predictable, since in the previous season only the remains remained. Fortnite has also added new locations without names and the map will change in future updates.

New map of Season 4 # FortniteSeason4

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The new season is called 'War of Nexus' and is set in the superheroes and villains of Marvel. This is why over the next few weeks locations related to the Marvel universe will be added, in addition to being able to acquire skins, dances and objects related to heroes and villains. Many of these through the battle pass.

New Battle Pass

Because it is not a new season without a new battle pass. It can be obtained in the Fortnite store and will give us access to different challenges and challenges to be able to unlock such iconic suits as Iron Man, Groot, Mystique and more. The battle pass costs 950 Bucks, which is about 10 euros . If we manage to complete all the challenges before the end of the season, we can get 1,500 Turkeys, which will allow us to buy the next battle pass practically free. The Battle Pass will end on November 30.

These are some of the suits, weapons or picks that we can get in the new season.

All skins and cosmetics leaked # FortniteSeason4

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All New Spikes # FortniteSeason4

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New hang gliders of the new Season 4 # FortniteSeason4

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Other New: New weapons have been added to the game, such as the Energy Rifle and a mechanical drone. T lso have been activated abilities associated with mythical characters from Marvel . On the other hand, with patch 14.00, different gameplay errors have been corrected and some unnecessary objects have been eliminated in this new version.

Fortnite Creative Mode improvements

The history version of Fortnite has also been updated, although mainly bug fixes and some improvements have been added. Among them, the solution to an error that made the objects could not be collected. Or a bug that caused the purple curtain in the Heroes and Villains Item Gallery to appear a different color.

Compatibility issues have also been fixed for devices, as well as weapons and items or creative tools.

Fortnite Season 4: Where to Play


Season 4 is available now on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch . It can also be played on Android, although we will have to download the game through the browser. Unfortunately, Epic has confirmed that Fortnite season 4 will not be playable on Mac, iPhone or iPad due to the company's conflict with Apple.