This is the robot that wants to destroy human beings

human robot

He looks at you, gets angry and has a conversation like a friend or acquaintance would. Under the disturbing quest to make robots look like human beings comes Sophia, the new creation of the Hanson Robotics company . Her resemblance to a person is truly amazing. For this, his face has been manufactured in a silicone skin called Frubber, capable of making up to 62 different facial expressions . Sophia can express anger, laugh, cry or show her amazement at a specific situation.Seeing her in motion and answering questions is impressive. This robot is a clear example of the incredible advances that are being made in the field of robotics. And yes ... She also wants to destroy human beings.

Sophia has no hair. Despite its indisputable feminine features, Hanson Robotics has preferred that everyone look at the colorful cables that act as brains. His face made in Frubber , which as we say is a silicone skin made of a material patented by the company itself, is connected to a series of circuits that allow him to have up to 62 facial expressions, which he then uses according to conversations and context. of this.

human robot

Despite the realism that his gaze projects, his eyes have cameras that serve to identify his interlocutor through a face recognition system. The new robot also has artificial intelligence software called " Character Engine AI ", which is updated with each conversation and experience. According to its creators, this software would be, so to speak, its “personality”, although it still has to be further refined, since its responses are reminiscent of those of other bots such as Siri or Cortana .

Sophia was able to correctly answer most of the questions that journalists asked her (as can be seen in the video above), but on other occasions it sounded, in the words of those attending the event, “ like a Wikipedia entry ”. Its great advantage is that it can learn as it talks to people, which makes it a full-fledged AI. To David Hanson, founder of Hanson Robotics, the goal is to create robots capable of having more knowledge than a human being. The main interest is that they are able to create emotional bonds with humans, help in theme parks, be in charge of patients, the elderly or children, in addition to helping with research tasks in the mental and physical development of babies.

Of all the questions Sophia was asked during her presentation, the one she answered most fluently was when she was encouraged to comment on what she wanted to be in the future. The robot commented that it hoped to do things like go to school, study, start a business, or even have its own home and family, something that by not being considered a legal entity it could not achieve. The truth is that Sophia added at the end of the conversation that she also planned to destroy humans ... Let's hope it was a software failure or ironic-jocular behavior. If Asimov raised his head ...