▷ 5 ways to log in to Facebook safely

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In recent months, the security and privacy of Facebook has been called into question both in the official application and in the web version of the social network. This is not to say that Mark Zuckerberg's page is unsafe compared to other social networks. Unfortunately, when the threat is inside the computer or a page outside it, such as the famous fake PayPal ad on Facebook that promised 20 euros for free, the web can do little or nothing to safeguard our email and password when logging in on Facebook.

A few weeks ago we saw how to solve Facebook login problems. On this occasion we will show you five ways to log into Facebook safely .

Use the incognito tab of your browser whenever you can

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Whether on desktop or mobile, the browser's incognito tabs are often more secure than traditional tabs .

This is because the hidden tabs do not store any type of information related to the email or password of our Facebook user.

In the case of Android and iOS, most browsers prevent screen capture when accessing these types of tabs. Ideal against applications that capture images without our permission.

And the official mobile application

If we want to keep our data safe, the best way to use Facebook on your mobile is to use the official client, be it Facebook, Facebook Lite or Facebook Messenger .

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Being the safest way to log in to Facebook, forgetting about alternative clients to Facebook is the best way to prevent our data from being leaked to third parties, be it the programmer of the application or companies that sell data through the Deep Web.

Update your browser to the latest version

Although most browsers are constantly updated, there are navigation programs that need to be updated manually .

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In general, updating a browser to the latest version is as simple as accessing the settings of the browser in question and clicking on its version , as we see in the screenshot above.

Use a VPN app

Surely the most efficient method to log into Facebook safely.

A VPN application is based, in essence, on a virtual "tunnel" that simulates our connection to another server located anywhere in the world, in such a way that we can simulate being connected in the United States from Spain or any other country.

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Another advantage of this type of network is based on the encryption of all the data that our computer, tablet or mobile sends to the network server to further ensure the integrity of our personal information. In this article we make a compilation of the best VPN applications.

And never use public WiFi networks

Neither public nor free WiFi networks. Given the low security of this type of wireless networks, any user with the relevant computer knowledge can implement a sniffer  on the network to get all the data on our mobile or computer .

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To this is added the famous phenomenon of the duplicate WiFi network. This is based on creating a network with the same name and the same login page as the original public network. Once connected to the network in question, the cracker is able to capture everything that circulates on the network , including our Facebook login details.

That is why from Tuexperto.com we always recommend using a private network , either through mobile data (3G or 4G) or through a WiFi access point previously created with the mobile.