LG TwinWash, this is LG's two-drum washing machine

LG TwinWash, this is LG's two-drum washing machine

LG is celebrating the LG InnoFest Europe 2018 in Cannes. There he presented the new version of his LG TWINWash washing machine . Among its most notable features we have the possibility of doing two washes at the same time. As it does? It has a main drum, which is accompanied by a second mini drum. The latter can work independently or simultaneously. In this way we can wash colored and white clothes separately but at the same time. Or wash the most delicate clothes separately from the rest.

Technological advances are not only reaching televisions and entertainment devices. The appliances we use regularly are also undergoing a transformation . If a few minutes ago we told you about Samsung's proposals, now it's LG's turn. Specifically to your new LG TWINWash washing machine.

Two washing machines in one

We could say that the LG TWINWash is two washing machines in one. In addition to the main drum, it includes a mini-washing machine perfect for delicate or special garments . This second drum includes LG Wave Wash technology , which simulates the movement of waves and minimizes friction on garments.

On the other hand, being independent, we can use this mini-washing machine to wash everyday clothes that only require a small wash after use, such as gym clothes or swimsuits.

But TWINWash washers not only stand out for their double drum. They also include the best technology from LG. Another of its main innovations is the incorporation of LG Next TurboWash technology . This provides a faster and more efficient wash.

In addition, every corner of the LG TWINWash's internal drum is covered by multiple water nozzles that, together with the 3D movement, achieve the perfect synchronization between six different rotational movements. This favors the effect of the detergent for shorter wash cycles and cleaning of stains, while preventing wear and tear on clothes. The result is a complete wash cycle in just 39 minutes .

On the other hand, they include LG TrueSteam technology . Thanks to it, the TWINWash eliminates 99.9% of household allergens, as well as odors and wrinkles in clothes. To do this, use steam, which softens and refreshes the clothes.

Lastly, the LG TWINWash's main drum allows items that have been left out to be added to the laundry, regardless of size . The new LG TWINWash washers are now available at regular dealers.