Ways to check your tax data for Income 2018

Ways to check your tax data for Income 2018

You have time to present the 2018 Income Statement until next July 1. However, experts recommend not leaving all the paperwork until last, as we may find ourselves with last minute unpleasant surprises and run out of time to solve the setback.

That is why the Tax Agency offers taxpayers the possibility of managing their tax data from March 15, almost fifteen days before the campaign starts. This allows users to obtain the information that the agency has about them to make the pertinent checks and if necessary, make the necessary changes and modifications .

Checking the tax data is a simple procedure, which should not take more than a few minutes. The consultation is done through the internet, which will save you time and costs. So if you want to start with this statement, follow the tips that we provide below.


Consult the tax data for Income 2018 on the web

As every year, you can check your tax data for Income 2018 through the website of the Tax Agency. Too easy. Follow these steps.

1. Access the official website of the organization. Here you have everything you will need to be able to access the information you need. You can use the link that we provide or type this address in the browser bar : //www.agenciatributaria.es/AEAT.internet/Renta.shtml

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2. In order to access the tax data, you will have to identify yourself . You can do it through the reference number, which you will have to request. We recommend that you do it through the application, because in this way you can have everything organized on your mobile. However, if you prefer, you can also get it without problems from the web. You can follow these instructions:

  • Click on  Get your reference number .
  • Then select  Box 475 2017 Income .
  • Enter your  DNI or NIE  and the validity date.
  • Did you make the statement last year? You will have to indicate it and then type the data in Box 475.
  • You will see the reference number below .

3. Next, you will have to click on the option Consult tax data . Choose with reference number.

4. In order to access you will need your DNI / NIE and the number you have obtained. Then hit Access . You will immediately see the page with all your tax information.

rent2018 app

Check your tax data from the mobile app

There is a very practical way to check your tax data and it is through your mobile phone. The Tax Agency has a free and official application , both for iOS and Android, that you can use for all your procedures. Even to present the 2018 Income Tax return, if you don't have to make changes to the draft.

As soon as you have it installed, you will have to identify yourself. You can use last year's reference number, if you have it. Although if it is not there, you can press the Ren0 button (Reference management) to get a new reference. It will be necessary that you enter, as on the web, the DNI and the data of box 475 of the declaration last year. 

As soon as you have the reference, you only have to enter it once. To consult your tax data, click on Income 2018 to access the section of your tax data , where you will have exactly the same information that you can obtain through the web. From there, you can make the relevant queries and if you agree, submit the statement from the app itself.