How to get the Barbarian Barrel in Clash Royale

How to get the Barbarian Barrel in Clash Royale

One more Friday, a new challenge in Clash Royale. And this time it comes with an important prize: the new Barbarian Barrel card . A letter that lands two weeks early only for those who manage to overcome the challenge. A somewhat arduous task but one that will take you to play some very exciting choice matches. All this being able to test, at least, how the Barbarian Barrel works on the ground.

The only requirement is to be a level 8 player, with which you can access the challenges tab, located on the right. Here, for a few hours and until next Monday, the Barril de Bárbaro election challenge has been raised . Or what is the same, a classic choice challenge in which to get this card before it reaches the title organically in a couple of weeks. Here's how you can get hold of it.

Barbarian Keg Challenge

If you don't already know it, the choice challenge consists of one-on-one battles in which you choose four cards from your deck . The interesting thing is that, upon entering the game, you will be presented with four pairs of cards to choose from. The one you discard will go to your enemy's deck, so you have to think very well what strategies to carry out with the cards that you play and the ones you choose for the opposite. Of course, the enemy does the same, selecting the other four cards that close the deck of the game.

Apart from this, the challenge applies the rules of friendly battles . That is, the level of the cards and towers are matched so that everything is fair and equitable, leaving the future of the battle to the skill and technique of the players. Thus, the king's towers become level 9, the same level to which all common cards are equated. On the other hand, the special cards go up or down to level 7, while the epic ones stay at 4 and, finally, the legendary ones at 1. The extra battle time is 3 minutes. Nothing new so far.

Barbarian Barrel

The interesting thing about this challenge is that you can already test the Barbarian Barrel in the game. Either you, or the opposite, with which you will learn its offensive and defensive possibilities. Now, to get the card ahead of time you must overcome the challenge, or what is the same, accumulate 12 victories, with which you will get 10 Barbarian Barrel cards . But if you lose three times you will be kicked out of the challenge, and you will have to pay in gems to try again. Of course, the challenge rewards players who stay on the road to getting the new card. Coins, chests and other cards add to the coffers of those who win some battles of the challenge.

Now, the goal is to get the Barbarian Barrel. An epic card with a cost of three elixir points more or less useful in the game. It consists of a barbarian that rolls inside a barrel, throwing everything in its path for a good stretch of sand. Something like the Trunk menu, but somewhat shorter in its journey. The interesting thing is that, when it finishes rolling, a barbarian leaves the barrel, sword in hand, to continue attacking. An interesting card in order to clear and attack in the same roll for a low elixir cost.

Once the challenge is over, the Barbarian Barrel will arrive in Clash Royale on April 6 for all players. Of course, it is a card from Arena 10, so you will have to unlock a few chests on this battlefield until it appears with a little luck. When it does, we will have an Epic card with a strength of 180 points of area damage, and 63 points in the tower at level 1. The level of the barbarian that it encloses in the barrel is 6, and it has a range of 6, 5, with a width of 3.9. Data with which to start hatching all kinds of strategies and decks for its arrival in a few days.