Office 2010 in Spanish can now be downloaded for free on the Internet


It is now possible to download for free Office 2010 in Spanish , the latest version of the office suite of applications. All you have to do is go to Microsoft's official website to download the installation software at no cost . So you can test the news on your PC that the new Word, Excel and PowerPoint contain , as well as other programs such as Outlook, Access or OneNote .


This is not yet the final version, which Microsoft plans to release early next year . Anyway, it is a fully functional beta . In fact, it is the second to be offered to the public, since the first was offered last summer . Therefore, the current one should be even more stable. Despite being a trial version, there are no restrictions when using the programs .

The main novelties of Microsoft Office 2010 include the web versions of the applications to work online , in the style of Google Docs . In addition, they have a certain orientation towards social networks, since they will be integrated with the Windows Live community . Even Outlook offers the possibility of chatting with our contacts , as it also happens in Gmail .

Download Microsoft Office 2010