How to celebrate Book Day with free books and online deals

How to celebrate Book Day with free books and online deals

This Book Day will be very special. Probably one of the rarest of your life. On April 23, 2020 we will not go out on the street, if it is not to go shopping or to take the dog out. Some to go to work. We are confined. So it's time to spend Book Day at home, instead of going for a walk, to enjoy the spring temperatures and books, of course.

It will be strange, yes. But how are we going to stop celebrating? Luckily, we are all connected and on the internet we can find countless initiatives to enjoy Book Day from the sofa at home. Cheer up: enjoy everything we propose and make books your best medicine for this confinement.

Here are interesting plans, offers and books of all kinds to celebrate Book Day. Let's go there!

Online book deals

If you are one of those who especially enjoy browsing books in your neighborhood bookstore, now you will have to wait. If you don't want to stop buying them books, you can contact them through the internet . But if you need a book now, you should know that the main bookstore platforms offer home delivery, as usual. And although there may be some delays, you can find, throughout April 23:

  • Casa del Libro: discounts of 5% on books and ebooks, plus free shipping for orders of 19 euros
  • Fnac: 5% discounts on all books
  • Abacus: there is no discount, but 5% of the book value is donated to the #YoMeCorono research project
  • Agapea: free shipping from 19 euros

In addition, you should know that the Government has made a first gesture with the world of culture due to the Covid-19 crisis and has lowered the VAT on electronic books and the digital press . From now on the VAT will be 4%.

Free ebooks on Amazon

If you prefer not to make any purchases right now, you have an interesting option to continue enjoying reading during confinement. Amazon offers during these days free access to a selection of electronic books from its catalog. All you have to do is access the link provided and start downloading the ebooks that interest you.

Did you know that there are countless classics available? You can lay the glove on Don Quixote de la Mancha, Miguel de Cervantes; The house of Bernarda Alba, Federico García Lorca; Luces de Bohemia, Ramón María del Valle Inclán; Fortunata and Jacinta, Benito Pérez Galdós; Tía Tula, Miguel de Unamuno; The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Vicente Blasco Ibáñez or Don Mendo's Revenge, Pedro Muñoz Seca, to name just a few of the titles that you can find here for free. Enjoy them.


Buy an e-book reader

If you are a voracious reader, it is probably a bit uncomfortable to buy books dropper to receive at home. A good option is to have an electronic book reader , in which you can download any reading. Even all the ones you like from Amazon and from many other sites, where you can buy them at a good price. More now that they have lowered the VAT.

One of the most famous is, without a doubt, the Kindle. On the Amazon website you can find countless models , even the most recent. They have a front light that makes reading comfortable. You will find it for sale from 90 euros. There are no offers for now.

Where you will find discounts is at Fnac . You have models from 60 euros, like the SPC Dickens. The Kobo Clara, for 110 euros; the Kobo Libra, for 180 euros. You can also take home the Woxter Scriba 195 for 103 euros or, if you prefer a more complete and sophisticated option, the Pocketbook Inkpad3, available right now at a discount for 248 euros. It is a model specially designed for the great lovers of the ebook. Not in vain, we are facing a very important version.

April 23: Virtual meetings with writers

The truth is that the large bookstores (and also the small ones) have been celebrating Book Day for a few days. They are doing it through the direct of Instagram, through publications on their networks and virtual presentations. Even through conversations with authors, in which readers have a great opportunity to talk and ask the authors of their favorite stories. On April 23 there will be many live shows, so pay attention to this agenda:

House of the book

House of the book

Have you noticed the large number of live shows on offer? Connect to the Casa del Libro profiles on their social networks to listen to Almudena Grandes, Karlos Arguiñano, Elvira Lindo or Javier Cercas, among many other authors. Connect to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.



At Fnac more of the same. The cultural sarao is guaranteed, so if at Casa del Libro you have found direct with your favorite writers, here you run the risk that your schedule ends up completely filling up. Here you can listen and ask Elísabet Benavent, Manuel Rivas, Marc Ros or Miguel Gane. Write these meetings down in your virtual agenda for Book Day on the couch. Connect to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.



In this case there are no presentations, but there are content to download. If you don't know which book to buy, maybe this guide will be great for you. Because Abacus offers the first chapters of 25 books. They can help you better spend this Book Day at home and, incidentally, become great suggestions to go on and on ...

Download free books

And now we go for one last recommendation, which will be liked a lot by those who are looking to save money. Also for those who have given up on buying books online for now. From the pages that we propose below you can download current novels for free and also great classics, of which the rights have already expired. Great works of universal literature that are now everyone's heritage.

  • Free Editorial
  • Free ebooks in Spanish
  • Open Libra (a search engine for free books)

In addition, in Madrid Secreto you have a page full of free books that publishers have begun to offer for free during the quarantine. You will see that there are works from major labels such as Anagrama, Grupo Planeta, Errata Naturae, Blackie Books or Roca Editorial. You also have at your disposal all the content of the World Digital Library, the National Library, the Municipal Network of Seville Libraries, Theater Library, the Miguel de Cervantes Virtual Library or Project Gutenberg.

And if you need a selection of express recommendations, why not take a look at this? There are 100 recommended books that you can download right now and for free. Happy Book Day and good reading!