How to change the Gmail theme


For some time now, Gmail has become as dynamic and customizable as any other payment service. The difference is that email from Google is completely free and offers the user a practically professional experience. One of its funniest features, however, is the ability to customize and change the theme of the inbox . For this purpose, Gmail has a whole series of templates created by Google itself or even designed by graphic professionals.. The user has the option to change the appearance of his email tool as many times as he wishes. If you want to give your inbox a different touch , then we will tell you how to do it in just a few steps.

change gmail theme 01

1) First, you will have to access your email by entering the username and the corresponding password. So far everything is clear.

2) Once inside the inbox, access the Settings section . You will find it on the top right of the page, by clicking on the small gear wheel. By clicking on it, different options will appear. Just click on Settings .

change gmail theme 02

3) You will have accessed a page with a lot of sections that allow you to configure the appearance of your inbox, but also the number of accounts, filters, gadgets or your Gmail labels . To be able to change the theme, you just have to click on the last label called Themes .

4) Inside you will find up to four sections different: Themes colors , HD themes , Custom themes and classical topics . The former simply modify the colors of the tray, but the latter insert HD images of wood, paradisiacal beaches, mountains, pebbles, planets, grass or even graffiti at the bottom of the tray .

One of the most celebrated sections is that of the classic themes . Here are several illustrations that you can integrate on the cover of your email, with a changing appearance depending on whether it is day, night or it is raining . To achieve this effect (that it gets dark, that it is day or that the characters appear carrying an umbrella) you will have to configure the location at the bottom of the page. In this way, Google will be based on the time zones and the weather in your area to show you one image or another.

5) The custom themes are a world apart. And it is that they allow the user to add their own snapshots to show them off in their email inbox . If you want to upload the photograph of your child , your family or the landscape that you like the most, you will only have to select the photo you want, being able to choose between any of those that you have hanging in your Google account or by checking a folder on your computer. If you don't have any photos that you like, you can also insert any of Google's proposals with landscapes, people and animals in high definition.