6 alternatives to Discord to talk to friends while you play

6 alternatives to Discord to talk to friends while you play

Gone are the times in which individual games or local multiplayer prevailed. Today, video games are not understood without a powerful online multiplayer mode.

The truth is that the online gamer community has grown exponentially in recent years , and much more in these last weeks of confinement by COVID-19. From casual gamers to harcore gamers, everyone without exception knows the importance of maintaining proper and smooth communication with the rest of your team if they want to claim victory.

Currently, no one doubts that the king of voice chat applications among the gamer community is Discord. And the truth is that there are no shortage of reasons for being the preferred option for players from around the world. However, word of mouth can make us not pay our attention to other equally valid options and with very remarkable functions .

Therefore, from Tuexperto we have prepared the following list of VoIP applications that will help you communicate with your colleagues in the most effective way. Stay with us and expand the communication possibilities during your online games with friends .



We open this special with GameVox, a great voice chat service to create and manage our own server to communicate with friends. They have a  free standard server , perfect for those initiated who first want to try the service.

But the best thing about this service is the possibility of adding new participants to the group simply by sharing a link with those people who you want to add to the server. Then, just click on the link to join . Easier and faster impossible.

As if that were not enough, GameVox has several themes with which to customize the design of our server as we please with a lot of options.

Available for Windows, MacOS, and Linux.



One of the most used voice chat services by the gamer community and, therefore, the true great adversary of Discord

The first thing we could highlight is its connection speed and quality of the audio signal . This is because Teamspeak offers users the ability to host their service on private servers. A totally decentralized structure by not necessarily having to depend on its own servers.

That is, once we have downloaded the program's installation files, we can install it on our computer, on a dedicated TeamSpeak server or another from any hosting company. The choice is ours.

Available for Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, and iOS



Mumble is another program that gives us excellent audio quality in calls, being one of the pioneering services in offering low latency voice chat , which is perfect for talking and playing at the same time.

An application with a simple and affordable interface to connect with friends during our online games. Plus, for those obsessed with technology and multi-level extensibility options, Mumble is open source. A real treat for coders.

It has a text chat with the possibility of reading the text written in it . In this way, we will not have to look away to read what they have written in the chat.

Finally, also highlight the possibility of connecting to public servants all over the world, or having our own server . This application is definitely worth checking out.

Available for Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, and iOS.

twitch app

Twitch App

Formerly known as Curse, Twitch ended up absorbing this technology company with a strong community focused on the gaming world, and thus have access to voice over IP services .

So now, within the Twitch app, we have the option of improving communication between team members , and that the entire Twitch community can stay in touch and talk to each other via voice chat. In addition, it has an attractive and well-crafted user interface.

The Twitch app is available for Windows, MacOS, Android, and iOS.



Here's another recommendation for hardcore gamers. Raidcall is another free app that allows you to  chat with your team members during the game in real time and without suffering any type of lag.

Thanks to its simple interface, once we log in, we can take a quick look at the  rooms available for different video games that may interest us (Call of Duty, League of Legends), to join a group or create our own.

If we choose the last option, we can add passwords to allow access to those participants that we want and even create black lists  to avoid unwanted players .

The only negative note is that Raidcall is only available for Windows.



We close with Ventrilo, another VoIP software that allows connection with other people through voice chat and whose interface is quite simple. It offers many customization options from its configuration section, in addition to several themes that we can download from its website .

However, perhaps this interface is not too intuitive for the more initiated, and less for those who find English difficult .

Another advantage, or disadvantage, of Ventrilo lies in the use of servers. By not having public servers , this forces you to have to rent one and configure it yourself. The main advantage of this system lies in the privacy it offers for our data, in addition to the customization options it offers, allowing access to whoever we want. Of course, there are test servers to see how their services work.

So far our list of alternatives to Discord . Hopefully these brief indications of each of the tools will pique your curiosity to give them a try. And you, what voice service do you usually use?