The solution to the most common Instagram problems

The solution to the most common Instagram problems

Has Instagram stopped working for you? It is nothing strange, and it can be due to many causes of all kinds. From a malfunction of your mobile due to saturated memory, to an unannounced drop in service. The problem is precisely that: that nobody warns of anything when things begin to fail. Therefore, here we show you different problems and their possible solutions when Instagram does not work as it should . Take good care of each of them to try to solve it the first time.

Instagram does not show activity

It is not a problem, but a peculiar decision of Instagram. The screen that previously reflected who you liked, or who had started to follow a known account has disappeared. And she has done it for the better. It was still a filtration of likes, activities and data of each interaction we have on Instagram. Something that does not make sense at this point in our existence and that of Instagram, where there are already photos and stories that self-destruct over time. Why leave a reflection of everything we do here?

  • Solution: That is why there is no solution . Not even reverting the app to an older version before this tab was removed from the notification menu. The change occurred from the Instagram servers and there is no way to know this information. The activity tab has passed away and we must live with it.

Instagram Stories appear blank

This is a repeatedly reported problem. A situation where the content at the top of Instagram appears directly blank . As if there were no Stories despite following many people. Well, it can be due to different causes. One of them is that your Internet connection is poor or null, and that it has been impossible to load content in a while.

Another possible problem is that the application has suffered a problem. And that, surely, is some change in a recent update. Failures that usually occur despite Instagram quality controls when introducing new content or modifying the application.

  • Solution: Being a problem from different causes we can find different solutions. The first thing is to make sure that your mobile has a good Internet connection . Activate and deactivate WiFi and data to check that the connection is well established. Consult an Internet page, send a WhatsApp message or carry out any task that requires data consumption. If this does not return the content to your Instagram Stories, try the following.
  • It consists of looking for an update that has been pending for your Instagram application . Head over to the Google Play Store if you have an Android mobile or the App Store if you have an iPhone. And here check and download any possible update. If the bug is due to a bug or recent change, the Instagram engineers will most likely release a new version that fixes the problem as soon as possible.

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Unable to load the latest posts

This warning appears whenever Instagram cannot upload new photos or videos to your wall . That is, you continue to see the same photo from the last time even if you reload the page. It is undoubtedly because there is no internet connection with the application. In this way, Instagram cannot ask its servers to send it the new content that you are trying to upload. Something like a connection problem, which can be caused by both a lack of Internet connection and a failure in the normal operation of Instagram or a specific crash of the servers. Be that as it may, the first thing is to identify the problem and then to solve it.

  • Solution: Check your mobile Internet connection . It is possible that the problem is in the WiFi router, so restart it by disconnecting it from the light for 15 seconds and reconnecting it. You can also try to restart the mobile to return all functions to their usual state, leaving behind any malfunction of the same.
  • It is possible that the problem comes from the connection of the Instagram servers, and not from your application. In that case there will be nothing to do other than wait until the people in charge of the application restore the operation . What you can do is confirm on other social networks such as Twitter if there is this failure on Instagram and if it effectively depends on its servers. So you can breathe easy and calm and know that the fault is not yours. Before that: patience until they solve the problem. Sometimes it is a matter of minutes. Others, hours.

I can't see a contact's Instagram Stories

Are you seeing the publications of a contact on your wall but it no longer appears in the stories ? Well, it is not a problem, it is that it has silenced you from these contents. As simple as that. It basically consists of blocking yourself from seeing the photos and videos that disappear within 24 hours of being published. The rest of the profile is still visible, with photos, videos and information. But these contents no longer.

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  • Solution: None. If that user's decision is to veto you from their story content, there is nothing we can do. Just check that this is the case by traveling to your profile and confirming that we can only see your photos and videos here, but not on Instagram Stories. It is possible that he did not publish anything that day, but if he is a regular user you should be aware of this block.

I have automatically stopped following accounts

Perhaps you had not realized it, but when interacting with an account that you followed, you have seen that it was no longer the case. That is, he had stopped following her . If you do not remember when you did it, the most likely thing is that you have suffered this problem. Apparently some Instagram failure has caused the relationships between some accounts to be lost automatically and randomly. It is not your fault or that of the other user, but a technical failure of Instagram.

  • Solution: there is no solution to this problem beyond re-following those accounts that interested you . The failure occurs randomly so if you don't miss anyone, maybe it will help you clean up. If you miss someone, look for them and follow them again. The problem is that you may need to provide explanations as to why you have re-followed an account that you supposedly did not abandon.

Instagram closes

Sometimes a problem occurs when we try to access Instagram. And is that the application forces its closure automatically, or after showing a blank screen for a tenth of a second. Well, it is a failure of the application or your mobile , which implies that you must carry out some actions or solutions so that everything works as before. These are some keys that you can and should put into practice if it happens to you on your mobile.

  • Solutions: The simplest is to restart your mobile . Perhaps you have occupied all the RAM memory of your terminal and this component is not able to load Instagram. You could close applications manually, but turning off the mobile and turning it on again will make this process more resounding and everything will work as it should. If this is not the case, try the following.
  • Confirm that it is not a bug or failure of the Instagram application. Check the app store to check for any pending app updates . Perhaps installing a new version will solve a problem that sneaked into the previous one. If you still can't get Instagram to reopen, try the last step.
  • Delete and reinstall Instagram . It is the last step to prove that everything is going as it should. Make sure to uninstall the application and erase all pending data on your mobile. On Android go through Settings and enter applications to find Instagram. Inside you can delete data and cache. Information that the application uses to function and that may be causing the malfunction. After that, uninstall Instagram and restart the mobile. Then reinstall the social network manually to verify that everything works as it should.

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Why can't I see a photo again in Instagram chats

Again, this is not a malfunction, but an Instagram function itself. Or, rather, from its messaging section: Instagram Direct . When sending a photo in a chat, it is possible to send it for a single reproduction or keep it in the chat (although from here it can also be deleted afterwards). It is a good way to maintain privacy with everything that is sent. Once the photo is self-destructing after playback there is no way to refer to it again.

Be careful, even if the photo disappears, the receiving user can take a screenshot of it. Something that Instagram notifies with the icon of an explosion, so that the sender knows that there is a copy of the photo sent.

  • Solution: none. Photos that self-destruct from Instagram Direct cannot be recovered . Also, as we say, capturing them would only give you away, losing the trust of the issuer. The same goes for the messages and photos that do appear in the chat. If you choose to eliminate them later, there will be no trace of them.

I can't post photos or videos

This error can occur for different reasons. One of them is that your mobile is saturated and does not tolerate more content in its memory and storage . Another reason is that you have been banned by Instagram and are under a temporary ban that prevents you from posting content. Another, however, may be due to a malfunction of the application for having left a photo without previously uploading.

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  • Solutions: In the event that your mobile memory is saturated, you must delete content from your storage. Delete photos, videos and audios that you don't need . And be sure to empty the recycle bin so nothing is getting in the way. Then restart the mobile and try uploading the photo again.
  • In case you are under a temporary ban, Instagram should have warned you. Check if you have reports, or have used hashtags prohibited by the rules and policies of the social network. You may even be using applications that measure the audience of your photos and tell you who has stopped following you . Sometimes these applications are banned by Instagram for endangering the user's account, so uninstall all these elements or delete them from your mobile and your photos before trying to upload a photo again. Restart the mobile too. Instagram bans may be lifted after a couple of days.
  • Also check if you have any pending draft on Instagram to publish . Delete it and, if necessary, reinstall the app. In this way, you will put aside all the processes that could have been hung on Instagram. When you reinstall you should use the application again as usual.