Octilus, mobile accessories with a different touch

Octilus store navigation

Sometimes finding a cover (or any other accessory) for our mobile that defines our tastes or personality can be a complicated task. Most mobile accessories stores carry the same thing, so it is difficult to find something original. However, not all stores are the same. There is an online store called Octilus (with a physical store in Madrid) that sells accessories for mobile phones. And not only from the most important brands in the sector, it also has some original accessories .

The Octilus store has been selling accessories for mobiles and tablets on the market for 10 years . In fact, it was one of the first stores specialized in this type of product in Spain.

At Octilus we can find from original covers for numerous mobile models, to external batteries, cables, chargers and even Bluetooth speakers . In addition, they have a section of personalized products, with which we can get a case for our mobile that no one else has in the world. Let's see what the Octilus store offers us.

Navigation by mobile model

Let's face it, browsing through some online mobile accessories stores is chaotic. These types of stores usually contain thousands of products and finding the one that is really for our mobile can be complicated.

At Octilus they have wanted to refine the user experience and propose various types of navigation. In the main menu, the first one on the left, we have the accessories classified by manufacturer and mobile model. That is, we can enter the section of our mobile and we will only see the accessories compatible with our model .

Octilus filters store

Once we are within the accessories of a specific product, we will have numerous filters to locate what we are looking for . We can filter by brand, type of product, type of cover, theme, material and even color.

Custom covers and accessories

If we want a cover for our mobile that no one else has in the world , we can enter the Custom section.

Custom cases can be created for many mobile phone models. At Octilus they have covers for more than 700 terminals . In addition, there are several cover models available to customize.

Octilus custom shop

The process to create custom phone cases is very simple. The first thing to do is choose the mobile model for which we want the case. Once the terminal is chosen, the type of housing that you like the most is  searched for . There are covers only for the back, with a lid or even some that can be used with the mobile stand function.

Octilus store customize tool

When accessing the page of the chosen case, you can start the customization process from the button marked with the word "Customize". Clicking on it will open the tool for creating the personalized case for our mobile .

This tool is very easy to use. You just have to upload the image you want to put on the case and make some small adjustments to make it perfect . To upload the image, click on Images, at the top, and select the image of our hard drive that we want. The image can then be dragged and dropped onto the case.

Octilus shop tool customize options

With the image already in place, there are several customization options . From adjusting the image to applying effects on it. And even draw figures. The limit is set by the imagination of each one.

But phone cases are not the only thing that can be customized at Octilus. You can also  create external batteries, Bluetooth speakers, T-shirts, decoration and kitchenware, mugs and even puzzles .

All kinds of accessories for the mobile

Although the Octilus store is a specialist in mobile phone cases, they are not the only products it sells. It also has power banks, cables, chargers, stands, audio supplies, and much more . All of them with a very special design, different from what can be found in other stores.

Octilus external battery store

In total, the Octilus store works with more than 60 manufacturers and has accessories for more than 600 different terminals . In addition to working with the most prestigious accessory brands, such as Gear4, Spigen or Ludicase, they include in their catalog products with the official image of football or fashion clubs.