20 online series to make you a marathon between now and Easter

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Now that the quarantine has been extended beyond the initial deadline, the use of platforms like Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime Video and the newcomer Disney + has skyrocketed to levels never seen before. Coinciding with the celebration of Holy Week in Spain, most streaming services have decided to present some premieres during the month that is to come. And as there is still no deadline for this confinement in which we have lived for two weeks, the team at tuexperto.com and a server have decided to compile some series to watch in marathon from now on .

The paper house, on Netflix

The series starring Álvaro Morte, Úrsula Corberó, Jaime Lorente, Miguel Herrán and Alba Flores, among others, premieres the fourth and final season on Netflix on April 4 .

The plot takes us to a robbery at the National Currency and Stamp Factory through its seven protagonists. The development of the story is divided into four parts, which correspond to four important events that will determine the future of the robbery. Your mission? Print 2 billion euros unmarked.

Doctor Who, on Amazon Prime Video

You cannot miss Doctor Who, one of the longest-running series in television history. It consists of two parts. The first was broadcast between the 60s and 80s. The second part began to be broadcast from 2005 until now .

The series narrates the adventures of 'The Doctor', also known as Lord of Time, on a path that leads us to explore the galaxy in his TARDIS, a kind of spaceship with its own conscience that has the ability to travel to through time and space.

His adventures will guide us through different missions that will lead the doctor to save civilizations, while seeking justice throughout the Universe . It has a total of 38 seasons, 26 of the first part and 12 of the second.

Rick and Morty, on Netflix and HBO

This popular cartoon series tells the story of Rick and his grandson Morty in an intergalactic adventure mixing real-life situations with those of other universes and civilizations .

Through some rather acid humor, Rick will urge his grandson to participate in his mad scientist experiments to avoid falling into the rut his son, Morty's father, has fallen into for years. It has 41 chapters in total and 4 seasons. It has been cataloged by many as "the best cartoon series of the time . " Today it has more than 10 awards in different categories.

Narcos, on Netflix

The story of Pablo Escobar has been brought to the small screen on many occasions. The most successful, however, has been carried out by Netflix in collaboration with Dynamo Producciones.

Starring actors Wagner Moura and Pedro Pascal, Narcos tells the story of the famous drug trafficker through the story of the DEA agent played by Pascal . While the first two seasons focus on the figure and history of Escobar, the third part focuses on the subsequent appearance of the Cali Cartel.

The Good Doctor, on Sky and Amazon Prime Video

It is a British series based on the story of Shaun Murphy, a surgeon with autism and sage syndrome who moves to a small town to work at the San Jose Bonaventure hospital.

Through a plot very similar to that of Doctor House we will be presented with a series of events that the doctor played by Freddie Highmore will have to solve. It has 3 seasons and 41 chapters.

Fleabag, on Amazon Prime Video

It is a well-known British comedy created and starred by Phoebe Waller-Bridge herself. The original story stems from a monologue written by Waller that he finally ended up presenting at the 2013 Edinburgh Fringe Festival and which tells of the adventures of a sexually active young woman in the city of London . She is also known for breaking the fourth wall by interacting multiple times with the camera.

ZeroZeroZero, on Amazon Prime Video

Another Amazon Prime Video series. Inspired by the work of the writer Roberto Saviano, it reveals the journey of a shipment of cocaine bought by an Italian drug cartel from a cartel from Mexico.

During the 8 chapters that the series presents , we are shown the whole environment that surrounds drug and human trafficking , from when it is bought until it is delivered and paid later, as well as the different processes to launder the money obtained from the illegal sale and how it affects citizens.

Toy Boy, on Netflix and Atresmedia

The series created by Atresmedia has just arrived on Netflix and presents us with the story of Hugo Beltrán, a young stripper who wakes up one morning aboard a ship after a long night of partying next to the burned corpse of a man.

He is later unfairly charged and sentenced to 15 years in prison . Seven years after his conviction, Beltrán receives a visit from Triana Marín, a renowned lawyer who wants to get him out of jail and unmask a complex plot that has led him to jail unfairly.

The Mandalorian, on Disney +

The Mandalorian is the new Disney + series based on the world of Star Wars that takes us to the moment just after the fall of the Empire and before the appearance of the First Order. That is, between the 1977 George Lucas trilogy and the current saga developed by JJ Abrams .

The story will guide us through the adventures of a lone gunman who finds himself in the far reaches of the galaxy , far from the New Republic. In Spain, the broadcast is made weekly through Disney +, unlike in the United States and other countries where Disney + is active.

Star Trek: Picard, on Amazon Prime Video

Star Trek: Picard arrives as the sequel to the original saga in an attempt to rival The Mandalorian. The series is set 18 years after Jean-Luc Picard's appearance in the movie Star Trek: Nemesis .

Its first season was released in January of this year and has a total of 10 episodes where the character will be shown after the death of Data and the destruction of Romulus.

Mr. Robot, at Movistar Plus

Starring Rami Malek, the plot plunges us into the mind of Elliot Alderson, a computer hacker with social anxiety and depression. In an attempt to take down the E-Corp, the world's largest financial conglomerate, Elliot is recruited by an anarchist group of hackers called FSociety through Mr. Robot , his father and current president of the group.

Elite, on Netflix

The series that is hitting him in the quarantine has just premiered its third season. As its name describes, the story takes us to an elite school where a murder has been carried out . Its three protagonists, coming from working-class neighborhoods, will end up meddling in high society after being awarded a scholarship that opens the doors of the school to them.

Hunters, on Amazon Prime Video

The recent release of Amazon Prime Video, starring Al Pacino, is based on the story of a group of Nazi hunters in 1970's New York.

Following the imminent arrival of a fourth Reich in the United States, the group will try to thwart the plans of several high-ranking Nazi officials infiltrated into American high society to establish a new regime based on Hitler's original ideas. The story, by the way, is based on real events.

Stranger Things, on Netflix

Netflix's most iconic series and one of the most critically acclaimed. Based on the story of a group of young people, the different protagonists will try to save the fictional town of Hawkins from the experiments of the US government in the 80s.

After the disappearance of Will, the group discovers a terrible reality that is under the soil of the town and that will end up being revealed throughout the 3 seasons that currently make up the series, waiting for a fourth that will appear in the months of summer. Whether you are a fan of The Thing or The Goonies, the series will not leave you indifferent.

The Big Bang Theory, on Netflix, Atresmedia, HBO and Amazon Prime Video

Easter is the ideal time to remember The Big Bang Theory, one of the most popular CBS series of the last decade.

The first episode was broadcast on television in 2007. Following its success on the small screen, the story of Sheldon, Leonard, Jenny, Howard, Raj and Amy has taken them through dozens of adventures across 12 seasons and more. of 275 chapters over 11 years of active broadcast .

The Wire, on HBO

Better known as Bass Listening in Spain, it relates a series of wiretaps carried out by the police of the city of Baltimore , in the state of Maryland.

Focusing mainly on drug trafficking, the series mixes renowned actors with amateur actors and real people who describe their stories on the streets of the city. A personal recommendation: don't ever see it dubbed into Spanish.

Peaky Blinders, on Netflix

The series created by the British BBC takes us to the Great Britain of the 20th century after the First World War to that of Birmingham. Peaky Blinders gives name to a family of gypsy gangsters who will try to seize power in the city and the government through extortion and the murder of different public figures. Coincidentally it is based on the true story of a group of gangsters.

Riverdale, on Netflix

This youth series guides us through the life of a group of teenagers in the town of Riverdale who will explore the hidden reality behind the calm image of its inhabitants. It has 4 seasons and 73 episodes. The next season will foreseeably arrive from the second half of 2020 if the quarantine allows it.