How to activate the administrator account in Windows 7

How to activate the administrator account in Windows 7

Users of Windows 7 may have noticed that although the possibility of creating allows users with administrator permissions , n or you can enter the administrator account as such, with all permits that entails. This occurs because Microsoft disabled the administrator account by default in Windows 7 . In a few steps we will describe how to activate the administrator user in different ways.

It is interesting to be able to access the administrator account, since users, although they have administrator permissions, do not have all the administrator's privileges . Not even deactivating Access Control ( UAC , a function that monitors your computer and that every time a program is opened, or Firefox , or Internet Explorer or another, it opens a window asking you for confirmation to access the program or the web) you get the same permissions as the administrator. For those who want to deactivate only this function , without entering the administrator account, they have togo to Control Panel / User Accounts / Change user account settings and choose a control level .

How to activate the Windows 7 administrator account

The administrator user is disabled by default in Windows 7. However , you can easily activated by entering a command in the command console of Windows . To do this, we go to Start / All Programs / Accessories and right-click on System Symbol and select Run as Administrator . Once open, we have to enter the following command: " net user Administrator / active: yes " without the quotes. We give intro and it will indicate that the command has been completed correctly.

Once entered, we can close the system symbol and from now on the Administrator user will appear to be able to connect with it. Do not forget at any time that having these permissions also poses a danger when handling Windows configurations , so you must be very careful when carrying out this process. If you want to activate only for a specific moment, we can deactivate it again following the same procedure. We access the command prompt by running it as administrator and type the following command: " net user Administrator / active: no " without quotes to deactivate it.