How to use an Android mobile like a Chromecast


Chromecast is one of the most successful devices to hit the market. It is a fairly inexpensive accessory, which allows us to send multimedia content to our television or monitor that does not have a Smart TV function. If you do not have a Chromecast, we explain how you can use an Android smartphone, so that it works like this great device in a very simple way.

AirScreen lets you turn an Android device into a Chromecast

The idea that we pursue with this concept is that you can connect your mobile or tablet with Android to the TV, so that it works as if it were a Google Chromecast. For this we will use an application called AirScreen .

For now AirScreen is the only application that allows us to convert an Android device into a Chromecast. It is a paid application, although it offers us the possibility of trying it for free , but keep in mind that you will be limited to half an hour of playback per day.

How to use an Android phone like a Chromecast

Once you have installed the AirScreen application from Google Play, you just have to open it, and make sure that the "Chromecast" box is checked, so that the rest of the devices you have in your home, detect the phone or tablet as if it was a Chromecast.

Keep in mind that all devices must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network for this trick to work. This is a basic condition, which should also be fulfilled if you are using a real Chromecast.

Now the only thing you have to do is use another Android device, to send the multimedia content to the smartphone that is working as a Chromecast.

Another very interesting feature of AirScreen is that this application is also capable of emulating other content transmission technologies such as Apple's AirPlay and Miracast . All this is done automatically, and without you having to configure anything. The only pity is that AirScreen is not a free app beyond the half hour of use per day that it allows if you do not buy it.


What do you think of the possibility of using an Android mobile or tablet as if it were a real Chromecast?