Sony DAV-TZ140, new all-in-one home theater equipment

Sony DAV-TZ140

Sony has just introduced a new all-in-one home cinema system . The new Sony DAV-TZ140 is a simple and compact package, and includes a receiver with DVD disc player , plus a speaker kit with a powered subwoofer . It is a very suitable equipment for those who want to simply enjoy 5.1 surround sound , without reaching high definition or Blu-ray discs .

The Sony DAV-TZ140 has a modern but discreet design, with a receiver-player assembly that occupies the same space as a DVD player . This receiver is compatible with DVD discs and therefore also with CD and CD-Rom discs . In addition, the USB port on the front panel will allow us to read audio or video files from a memory stick or external hard drive.

Sony DAV-TZ140

The DAV-TZ140 incorporates a five-channel amplifier that, added to the self-powered subwoofer, makes up a 5.1 system . The processor is compatible with the Dolby Digital and Dolby Prologic digital audio standards , and the HDMI output allows us to scale the images to a quality close to high definition .

For its part, the speakers included in the DAV-TZ140 are satellite type, very small and easy to install on the wall, to take up little space. The subwoofer, with its side speaker, is clearly designed to be placed next to the wall. In short, and as we said at the beginning, the new Sony DAV-TZ140 is a simple equipment 5.1 with DVD . So here we will not find here neither Internet access, nor WiFi , much less DLNA , but just enough to live the experience of digital cinema in 5.1 .