The 10 games that marked a before and after in the history of video games

Street fighter ii

Personally, I consider myself a fan of video games . Since my parents gave me an Atari when I was little, I have practically tried to own every console that has been released. The only one that has resisted me has been the Neo-Geo, which I have in my thoughts , and one day I also hope that it reaches the living room at home.

That said, this part of the entertainment of our lives has been able to make various masterpieces that have occupied us for hours and hours. What's more, we have even spent nights without sleep and as we got older we came to school with dark circles or with several cups of coffee forced to work . And the more difficult a screen or one of the 'bosses' at the end is, the more adrenaline rises and the desire to continue playing.

And now everything is easier, before there was no option to save games (or if there was one you had to select very well which ones, since the memory was very limited) so more than once the console has been paused hours and hours. Until some night, if memory serves. This is how we want to review the ten games that marked a before and after in the history of video games.

We have had to leave many in the pipeline, which we will review at the end of the list. But after much debate in the newsroom, we have managed to choose ten games that we believe have a special place on our shelves and memories.


We go back to 1972, something as simple as two vertical blades and a square shaped like a ball. The ball bounced off the walls, and if you didn't get there in time with the shovel, they did so much to you. A game as simple as it is effective, which turned arcade games into something multitudinous. This game was for the Atari, and it is curious how many hours we spent with two blades and a square playing. The graphics and the story didn't matter . It was just wonderful.


Eight years after Pong, back in 1980, another of the games that has gained the most popularity emerged and that has become an icon. The famous 'comecocos' that has starred even in our clothing and various merchandising. Through a labyrinth we had to go eating all the tokens escaping from some ghosts, but if we managed to reach the fruit it was the ghosts who escaped from us.

Super Mario Bros

The most famous plumber in the world, who accompanied by his brother Luigi and his dinosaur Yoshi traveled the world to save a princess with blonde hair. In 1985 Nintendo captivated us with a game that would become one of the most historic in the industry. Since that day we have not seen mushrooms with the same eyes.

Mario's great competitor would be Sonic , who would come out about five years after the hand of Sega. A similar game, but in which the protagonist hedgehog stood out for his great speed when running. This platform game stood out for its phase design making the most of Sonic's devilish speed.

Legend of zelda

A year after Super Mario, the first of the "Zelda" saga would come out, which today has its fans by legion. In fact, it is one of the video games that has been inducted into the Hall of Fame. In 1986 they let us enjoy the adventures of Link, who continues to expand his saga today.


Another of the games that most impressed me, along with Mario Bros. In 1993, Doom appeared, which I tried for the first time at a friend's house and was impressed. A game that is considered the first of the first-person shooters. In fact, in addition to being a great commercial, it was one of those that changed the perception of video games that little by little were evolving but always following the path that Doom had indicated.

Such has been its success, that it now has a reissue for the latest generation consoles as it could not be otherwise.

Street fighter

In 1987 the Street Fighter appeared, but it would not be until Street Fighter II when it would become a mass phenomenon. A game that was a revolution and that became the star of the arcades. I don't think I remember the amount of 25 pesetas I spent learning to fight with Ken and Ryu, in addition to having a good time with Blanka and her electric shocks, Honda and cursing a Mr. Bison who refused to die once and for all. again.

After its appearance, the competitors tried to overshadow it without being as successful as the Street Fighter II. Other titles such as Fatal Fury, The King of Fighters, Mortal Kombat and Killer Instinct among others appeared. But Chun Li has always been superior to all of them.


Electronic Arts decided in 1993 to try their luck with a soccer game. This is how he created FIFA International Soccer, a game that in a few months would become another of the most relevant thanks to its isometric view of the playing field , away from the side views or from above. Something that gave this game even more realism. A year later, FIFA 95 would arrive, which already had several clubs to its credit, in addition to the national teams. Although it had fictional players, it became a huge success.

Its great rival is Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) that arrived in 2001. In fact, football fans are often divided between PES and FIFA. If you ask me, I started with FIFA on PC when cybercafes still existed, then we spent many afternoons enjoying it on the PlayStation 2 but for a few years (I think since FIFA 08) I have returned to the shelter of EA Sports . Still, the more options on the market, the better.

World of warcraft

Another of the games that has had me hooked for the longest hours, and that at first did not make me too funny. In 2004 it would be released on the market, and today it has several million subscribers who continue to enter its servers every day. The most interesting thing about this game was the fact that you could play with people from all over the world, make a group, and start doing missions.

In addition, it has a gigantic world that they are expanding every bit with new expansions . Personally, one of the games that you have to try at least one season in your life. Of course, that we are idle or the dark circles will reach our knees, it is extremely addictive. Are you from the Alliance or the Horde?

The sims

In 2000 another of the games would arrive that was a great revolution in the world of video games. What better than to simulate a life, create a family and keep a job? A kind of virtual life that you could create at your whim in the game, establishing relationships, friendships, and everything that we meet on a daily basis. With a fantastic part of personalization of the protagonists in our image and likeness and also with the option to edit our houses.

In fact, there are several editions of a game that people do not seem to get tired of. Surely more than one has tried to build the house that was made in The Sims in its day.


Another game that was very successful, to the point of being one of the best sellers in its last edition. I played the first versions, in fact I remember that my computer did not have enough power to play any of them with what had to go to the house of someone who had one that did not jerk.

The arrival of Grand Theft Auto III was a revelation, as it left us free to commit crimes, whether we wanted to or doing the missions. In addition, the map was gigantic and there was nothing more attractive than stealing the car or motorcycle that we wanted, escaping from the police and doing a thousand and one more things . Something that has been expanded with the following editions of the game, allowing us to choose up to three different characters, with intertwined stories.

Extra ball: Tetris

Another of the ancients, Tetris . In 1984 he made an appearance, designed in the Soviet Union and with a little song that will accompany us to the grave. In fact, if you ask your friends, they may have all played at least one game. Who has not had a GameBoy with Tetris? One of the most addictive games that consisted of stacking tiles and adding the more lines the better. So it could not be missing in this selection of games.

As we said at the beginning, we have left out many games that would deserve a place in this Top Ten. From Angry Birds to the Minecraft , through the Pokémon , the Final Fantasy, the Guitar Hero, Age of Empires or NBA Jam . What's more, we even considered making a list of 20 games, but it would also possibly fall short. What games do you think are essential in a top ten?

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