Samsung's Secure Folder is now available for Android

Samsung's Secure Folder is now available for Android

The Samsung Secure Folder can now be downloaded from the Google app store . It is available to all users who have a Samsung mobile with Android. And although it is an exclusive functionality for Samsung customers, the company has decided to make things easier for its customers.

Thus, in addition to being available in the Galaxy Apps store (the manufacturer's application store), the tool will also be operational from the Google Play Store.

Goodbye to Knox, Samsung's Secure folder arrives

Until now, Samsung users enjoyed a very similar feature. However, the firm has decided to replace it with Samsung's Secure Folder . We talk about Knox.

My Knox was a security platform that was present in some Samsung Galaxy. It was a tool that allowed users to secure information as private as that of work.

While the user was in the office or working, Knox provided access to an encrypted platform. This included the different files, but also the job applications. What this tool did is create a virtual space inside the phone so that any virus would have it more difficult to infect applications and private files.

Logically, the platform was a way to keep confidential information safe within the user's own personal computer. But for a few days My Knox has disappeared from the Samsung application store. Now it's time to get hold of the Secure Folder or Secure Folder.

samsung secure folder

What is Samsung Secure Folder and why is it important?

The Secure Folder or Samsung Secure Folder was released on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. The application was available as standard. Now it is in all the devices that are coming to the market . But what exactly does it consist of? How does it work and how can it help us to be more secure?

The Secure Folder application is responsible for creating a private and encrypted space on the phone. Actually it is a system very similar to My Knox, although in this case, the Secure Folder separates the applications and work files in a tray.

Data, files and folders can be protected in a simple way. Just click on the Move to Secure Folder option . And then you can also add files from within the application. Just click on Add files. And the transfer becomes effective.

It is, in reality, practically having a second phone on the same mobile , but protected under an additional security system.

safe folder security system

Security system

Logically, the files that are stored in the Samsung Secure Folder are protected with an additional layer of security .

Users can choose between three different systems. In the first place there is the most effective, which is biometric: through the fingerprint sensor . In more advanced equipment, such as the Samsung Galaxy S8 or Samsung Galaxy S8 +, this is also possible with the iris sensor that is installed on the front.

Those who do not yet have a mobile with this biometric identification system or who want to do without fingerprint identification, can also do so using an unlock pattern or a traditional PIN or password .

Download Samsung Secure Folder

It is expected that the application will soon be available in its Spanish version. At the moment an application has been included, but for now you may only find an edition in Korean. Be that as it may, in order to use the Secure Folder you will have to have a compatible Samsung device . It will not work on smartphones from other brands.