The funniest memes and GIFs of Blue Monday, the saddest day of the year

The funniest memes and GIFs of Blue Monday, the saddest day of the year

Today Monday, January 20, they say, is the saddest Monday of the year. And if there is a sad day of the week, that is Monday. 'Blue Monday' which, translated from English would be 'sad Monday', in addition to being a well-known New Order song, is how it has been decided to call the third Monday of January. It originated, for the first time, fourteen years ago, in an advertising campaign of a travel agency, in 2015, called Sky Travel. According to the company, they had found the date of the most depressing day of the year using a mathematical equation that took into account factors such as time spent in cultural activities, time spent relaxing, time spent sleeping and time spent in a period of stress, among others, apparently decisive.

As our main intention is to inform, train and entertain, we thought that we should bring you fun content this Blue Monday today, January 20. And what better than a good batch of GIFs and memes related to the subject or that, simply, they start a good laugh?

10 GIFs to bring Blue Monday in the best possible way

First of all, very calm

Very well, we already know that Blue Monday is here and no one is going to stop it. The saddest day of the year is necessary to fight it with a vitalistic and joyful attitude, no noses and despair. A good shower, a strong coffee and nothing will be able to with us. If you need, check out this GIF to cheer yourself up

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Uphill and with brakes

On Mondays they have something ... like it is hard to start. Even if we have a job that we like, the effort is double. If not, look at this child in a park on the saddest day of the year: she can't even play!

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Talking about attitude

Yes, you may seem like a crazy maniac, or the new image of Mr. Wonderful, but it is better to sin as happy flower than as pathetic bitter, which also has the peculiarity of making Monday bitter for others. This, without a doubt, is my spirit animal on Mondays. And it should be everyone's. On Tuesday calm returns ... even if it is a day worse than Monday, for which this is written.

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Babies and puppies

No, this GIF does not represent anyone lamenting the dreaded Blue Monday. We only show it to you to make your day a little better. Is someone like this going to sour a GIF of two puppies and a baby? If this bothers you, you no longer have a fix. We are sorry.

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A hedgehog exercising

If you have a friend who hates Mondays, send them this GIF. You sure make him smile.

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Are you a fan of 80s cinema? Any friend who is? This GIF of 'The endless story' will make you fall in love.

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To the one who cannot be spoken

We all have someone at work who could perfectly relate to this GIF… right?

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What am I doing?

The feeling of strangeness and confusion at work increases with the arrival of Monday. And if it's 'Blue Monday' much, much worse. And if not, tell the astronaut dog.

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To Blue Monday, good face

Even if it costs. Smiling has been shown to positively affect the mind and body. So even if you don't feel like it, do like this dog, even if you end up looking a bit psycho in the end.

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Until I drink coffee I am not a person

Are you one of those who drop this hackneyed phrase because you haven't had your coffee yet? Stop searching, we have the ultimate GIF for you to see every Monday. There are times when a pool of coffee wouldn't hurt any of us, right?

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10 memes to laugh at this Blue Monday

You have to see the positive side of everything

Yes, we already know, today is Monday. And, above all, the saddest day of the whole year. But pouting or making our existence bitter is not going to make Friday come sooner. It will arrive as always, in five days. And so this nice bear tells you.

meme 01

Has anyone not found out?

Send this meme to your group of friends. It is much better that Keanui Reeves is the one to break the bad news that today is Blue Monday.

meme 02


Let's see, we are assuming that today is the saddest day of the year ... couldn't it simply be that today is Monday and every Monday is that 'peculiar'? Let's see if we are getting twice as bitter today for thinking that this 'Blue Monday' has some real foundation ...

meme 03

The tabarra of 'Blue Monday'

Yes, we get the media very heavy with ' Blue Monday ' and that today is the saddest day of the year and what if this and what if the other ... Enough!

meme 04

Baby Yoda makes you happy on Blue Monday

No, it has nothing to do with Blue Monday, but if you are sadder than usual, surely seeing Baby Yoda having tea, warmly wrapped, will comfort you enough to continue with this hard day.

meme 05

We are all a bit this dog on Mondays

No, it is not the most beautiful dog, nor the most photogenic, nor the one that seems to face life with the most optimistic spirit in the world. But, without a doubt, it is the animal with which we are going to identify more in this Blue Monday ... right?

The funniest memes and GIFs of Blue Monday, the saddest day of year 1

The other side of the same coin ... dog

On the other hand, we have another dog who does not seem to be affected on Mondays. We all know someone like that and, instead of getting mad at him, why don't we ask him how he does it so as not to sink into a depression every time Monday rolls around?

meme 07

Time is relative

According to this meme, how many minutes would a Blue Monday have? many and, the less we think about it, the sooner it will pass and we will have here on Tuesday, the prelude to Wednesday, which gives way to Thursday and 24 hours, Friday. Who said fear?

meme 08

A baby with a wig

Just that, a baby in a wig. If this does not make you smile this Blue Monday we no longer know what we can do with you.

meme 09

Miracles don't exist

Harry Potter fan, magic exists but has a trick. We are sorry. And we can only wait for this day to be over and take it with the best possible attitude. Hopefully this meme can cheer you up as much as possible.

meme 10