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Rovio is a Finnish company known worldwide for bringing to life the Angry Birds , those pissed-off birds that are thrown non-stop from a giant slingshot against malevolent green pigs . The success of this franchise, which has already placed several titles, including the most recent,  Angry Birds Star Wars, has also been used by Rovio to launch other derivative games, whose popularity and impact has been manifested in a more discreet way.

Among those other adventures created by Rovio in the shadow of the success of the Angry Birds, are A mazing Alex and Bad Piggies . The latter has a lot to do with the mechanics of creating inventions that work to pass through screens seen in Amazing Alex , but what is really striking is that for the first time in three years, green pigs are the real protagonists of a game and players can see the story from the other angle. There is no doubt that Bad Piggies leaves aside the simplicity that has made the Angry Birds triumph , with a title with a devilish difficulty curvethat will make us sweat the fat drop at certain times to find the right formula. If you are stuck in some level of Bad Piggies do not worry, because we are going to offer you on a silver platter the solution to each and every one of its screens.

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Obviously, the grace of the game is to think until you find the right combination that allows you to create the right invention to overcome the levels, however, it is very logical to get stuck at some point and lose interest in the game. This is because the screen cannot be passed until the pending ones have been completed. Being stuck in a level does not have to mean that from then on the rest of  Angry Piggies will be impossible for us to complete.

Walkthrough Bad Piggies is the first page  website created especially for fans of Bad Piggies, and where we can find the solution every one of the levels that make the game. They also show us other types of tips such as the solution to collect the 20 hidden skulls that are hidden during the game. Once we have all 20 skulls, a new extra level will be unlocked . Aware of the difficulty of Bad Piggies and of the desire of the players to know the answer to certain enigmas, Rovio markets  help systems,although some of them can be obtained for free.

In the link that we leave you below, you can see the Bad Piggies Walkthrough website , where the resolution at each level has been placed in order and with a video uploaded to YouTube showing how to create the right invention to overcome it. The website has completed all the episodes and bonus levels released by Rovio to date, so there will be no problem completing them wherever we are stuck. Just in case anyone has not tried Bad Piggies , we are also going to leave you with the direct links to be able to download it for free on iPhone and Android.

Bad Piggies Walkthrough, website with all the videos to overcome Bad Piggies levels

Free download Bad Piggies for Android

Free download Bad Piggies for Android HD version

Download Bad Piggies for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Download Bad Piggies for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch HD version