5 search engines trying to compete with Google

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Most users have become accustomed, for some reason, to setting the all-powerful Google search engine as the home page of their Internet browsers . A custom that has led millions of users to use this Internet search engine on a regular basis to become the first option in the world. So much so that it has built an entire empire and business around it, with more services and tools . But always based on an agile, fast, powerful and safe search engine . Of course, it is not the only one . And there are several alternatives that compete with Google , or even that seek their own audiencedepending on what they want to find, how they want to find it, or if they prefer to ensure their privacy , security and complete anonymity . Here we show you five alternatives to Google .


It is the main alternative to the Google search engine . In this case, it comes from Microsoft , and it has been operating for a few years now. Despite some difficult beginnings, and copying the Google formula almost by heart , it seems to have remained a powerful alternative thanks to its possibilities and some other distinguishing quality. Among the latter is its main screen , which is always accompanied by a still or animated image that surprises and is striking, being able to recreate itself when writing search terms.

When searching for something in its bar, Bing throws up a results page very similar to Google's , presenting different options where to click to access the requested information. All this in a few seconds. Results can be divided into images , videos , maps and news . It also has options for page translation , protection for minors and image search according to license . All this with the option to customize it if you use a Microsoft user account .

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It is an alternative that is becoming more and more famous. And is that its reason for being is privacy , ensuring not to collect or save or use the queries and data of users. Something that makes a difference with Google , who registers each step of the user on the Internet to offer searches and services that may interest them , as well as appropriate advertising . This makes DuckDuckGo more impersonal, with no results related to the user's interests, only with their searches. But, after the spy scandal in countries like the United States, its value has increased, growing in users by 600 percent .

During its use it works like a normal search engine, although it also has many interesting additions. In the first place the https encryption that allows safe browsing , secondly there are the bangs : a kind of shortcuts that manages to save user clicks by being able to type in the search bar a code preceded by an exclamation and a term to directly access content. For example, it is possible to type “! Yt tuexperto” to directly access the Tuexperto.com video page on YouTube, instead of first accessing YouTube and then looking for our section there.

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A few years ago it was another of the main Internet search engines , although acting in directory format . That is, ordering the contents by sections and allowing the user to navigate through different categories according to the type of information or web page they are looking for. Currently it acts as a general search engine to use , but peppered with a lot of services and the company 's own tools . Whether to find photographs in their service Flickr , or using their home page to fill user information, news, data on time or even the stock market values .

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This is one of those cases that does not seek to compete directly with Google , but has found its own niche on the Internet. It is a search engine focused on questions and answers . Something like the option to find solutions, tutorials and explanations to specific questions . The key is that, in addition to finding specific words in your search, Ask.com offers the ability to ask natural language questions , complete in themselves. Something that helps many users to find the information they need for their own case. It is certainly not the most effective and useful search engine, but you can give answers and find quite specific questions for users.

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We close the list with another of the search engines that, in recent months, has managed to monopolize a few covers. And it is that Tor is a search engine of the Deep web or the deep Internet. Something like the dark side of the Internet , where you can find the content that other search engines do not index or collect , and that are hidden from the average user. An environment that encourages illegal content , such as child pornography, or pirated books, movies, and games. Of course, to use this browser it is necessary to have certain files such as your own browser that can be downloaded from its website (it is an open source project) and severalextended knowledge . In short, a browser to find everything that is not seen with the naked eye on the Internet, always ensuring user privacy, of course.

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