The craziest homemade inventions to fix things


In the world millions of objects are broken every day . Ok, it is not a statistic supported by any study. But every time we surround ourselves with products manufactured with lower quality acquired at prices that border on absolute zero. The normal thing, then, is that they last as long as they last. At the first blow, at the first contact, at the first friction ... Pum! On the way to the garbage. That's when we don't buy something that asks for a thousand accessories that we buy and we only use twenty seconds.

But for every ten objects that are broken, there is a woman or man with the soul of an engineer who sets out to fix it solely and exclusively with what is at hand. And it is that so many hours of MacGyver had to be worth something. With that spirit we leave you a few inventions that will fix these day-to-day damages ... Or at least they will camouflage them.

No more cable slack


We have all used the laptop as a desktop computer at some time. Removing the battery is mandatory so that the rebound effect does not turn our laptop into an immovable brick. But of course, for that it has to always be plugged into the power. And who has not hit a slight pull that has made our laptop shut down suddenly. Well, here an engineer has sought a solution as easy as it is effective ...

How to read in the bathtub safely


Reading in the bathtub is one of those little everyday pleasures. Well, it had to be an eight-year-old girl who in a minute invents the definitive and perfect formula so that the book never falls into the water again. A ñapa, yes. But a good ñapa.

More and better


Sincerely. Not having money and having to fix a hit in the car is one of the biggest tasks that can happen to you in the Western Hemisphere. Hundreds of euros just to make a slight change to conform to the standard. Well, a sticker costs three euros and on top you have the tuned car.

High-flying engineering


Note that they have spent hours here. That you can't pay for a subscription to the pay channel on duty? Well, you take a pirate signal and record it live with a camera and send it to the TV. More people like this is what the world needs.

The classic shower


Has your shower head or phone broken and you have to get out as fast as clean? No problem. Go to the kitchen, empty a plastic bottle, stab it with you have it on hand. Some electrical tape and working. There will be time to fix it ...

To the workshop for the necessary


Ever since the trocola gasket was invented, the machine shop is something to turn to only in dire need. Total. If nobody looks inside the car, why spend money on a piece of plastic that turns to the right. Customization is highly undervalued in our society ...

#MacGyver Spirit (Part 1)


Why are you going to buy a mixer with a specific head if at home you have a drill (cordless for more inri) and an instrument, a pair of scissors in this case, with which to reach the snow point.

Shit of life


If you have to resort to this, you need to rethink your life ...

So lazy that he's gotten smart


There are people so lazy and lazy that they develop a paraintelligence with which to move as little as possible. This is the case of this engineer at heart who has found a way to raise and lower the volume from a distance. An effort of a while not to get up again in life. A genius.

#MacGyver Spirit (Part 2)


Here we already find a certain level of sophistication. The evolved version 2.0 of the drill with scissors to cut paper at school.

The word is trust


There are people who trust things or brands above all things. There are those who blindly trust the iPhone year after year. Some people repair everything with a little duct tape. And there is someone in the world who has an oversized faith in cling film. And it also guards against humidity ...

The power of duct tape


Here is the example of what we said before. The world is full of thousands of brothers-in-law who trust the duct tape more than their own life ...

The power of duct tape (part 2)


Outdoor and / or mobile version. At this point it is almost mandatory to make the warning. Do not try to drive at night in these circumstances: Duct tape is not indestructible! PS: to top it off it looks like masking tape.

Retrofuturist journalists


Sometimes journalists have to publish live. And sometimes we do not have the desired means to carry out our work as diligently as possible ( NOT the case of Your Expert, of course ). So there are colleagues who are looking for the beans as they can ... Welcome to the glamorous world of journalism.

Brother in law extreme version


If the brothers-in-law had a ministry, it would be very well postulated as a minister. It is not recklessness. It is not an absolute lack of fear of death. It is not a question of being afraid of being tetraplegic. It is brotherhood in its purest form.

#MacGyver Spirit #Ecologist Version


I bet my salary is that this is the job of a Dutch forestry engineer.

The most difficult solution


In all likelihood we have seen hundreds of ñapas around the car windows. The classic that travels with a towel on so it doesn't get the sun. The mythical of the duct tape covering all the broken glass with fire. The parasols with Disney princesses in a car 50,000 euros ... But this character takes the cake. It's just that it hurts to see it. Have you seriously thought about it even once?

And why not?


Almost all jobs in the world are a matter of teamwork, no matter how much they make you think that Messi wins all the games by himself. And if you trust your friend and partner to death, why not do all the management showing off that trust. In addition, men are always needed on the ground to precisely point the way ...

A ñapa Russian version


Here our Russian friend has seen fit to buy a super high-end car and faced with the situation of changing the wiper rod, he declined to go to the dealer and put a rustic solution in its place. Very typical of her native Chernyshevskiy. Either that or spare parts for a BMW X5 come to the workshop every seven months.

The infinite functionality of a tupper


Humanity equipped itself with tupperware to have the most plural tool possible at home: it can be used as a plate, as a food transporter, as a standard container for any type of utility, as a feeder for the dog ... And, if necessary, as a protector (temporary , yes) for the car headlight And for the turn signal!

Life shit (part 2)


If, after seeing the time on the clock above, you go to work in this car, we repeat: you must keep rethinking many things in your existence… From love, of course.