How to prevent Spotify from starting automatically when Windows starts

spotify boot start

There are computer programs that no longer know how to get our attention. Notifications , false alerts and involuntary executions on PC startup . One of them is Spotify , which focuses on giving us music for our ears, as long as we remember that it is there. To make sure of this, its creators activate by default that the tool is shown at the start of the computer , although the user does not always want to listen to music from the beginning. The solution? Disable this option . If you don't know how to do it or you have done it and the program keeps launching at every start, keep reading this tutorial.

As we said, after correctly installing Spotify on the computer, it is programmed to start every time the terminal is turned on . This can mean a delay in the start of the computer , adding more load seconds and waiting before being fully operational for the user to interact with it. Not to mention the always tedious task of closing those programs that have a habit of causing messages and windows to appear when starting the PC. A waste of time and patience that can be solved in two ways.

The basic method

The Spotify company itself is aware that this programmed measure is not liked by all users. So you have an easy way to disable this automatic start . Easy but not too visible, lest many of your users forget to listen to the commercials that offer every certain number of songs. Thus, they hide this feature a bit in case, hopefully, some user gets tired of looking for it.

automatic spotify

Simply access the music program and display the menu in the upper right , on the arrow icon. A space featuring the user's account, next to the mailbox for messages received. Here you just have to click on the Preferences section to get to the settings menu where you can take true control of the music on demand program.

automatic spotify

Once in this section, you have to scroll to the bottom of the menu. If you've come this far and it seems far-fetched, you have to know that Spotify has "hidden" its feature in another menu, so you must click on the Show advanced settings button . Here, in the Startup and window section, is where the option to disable the opening of Spotify at the start of the computer is finally found .

automatic spotify

The drop-down has three options. It does give permission for the program to start automatically. Minimized offers the automatic opening of the program but collected in the tools menu. Of course, this option continues to consume the same resources as if it was started open. Finally, and being the option that really interests you, there is No , with which to make sure that Spotify does not do anything beyond what we order. It does not consume computer resources such as Internet, RAM or battery, nor does it display user data or play music.

The definitive method

However, some users have encountered a more than unpleasant surprise when carrying out the basic method. And, for reasons that we do not fully understand, Spotify continues to start after the computer starts up fully automatically. This has come to worry many users, and to create more effective alternatives when stopping their feet to this program. This is what needs to be done.

The first thing is to start the program, if it is not already running on a regular basis. Once Spotify is open , whether with music playing or not, we move on to the second step.

The next thing is to remove all Spotify shortcuts. Just drag them to the trash can and make sure your computer's desktop is free of all traces of this music-on-demand program. Keep in mind that, with this process, any previous icon or shortcut will be rendered useless. So it is better to delete it from the beginning.

automatic spotiy

After that you have to open the task manager. This process is carried out by pressing the CTRL plus Alt plus Del buttons . When doing it at the same time, a Windows screen is activated with different options, the one that interests us is the task manager. It is a small window that shows all the processes that are running on the computer, as well as its resources that they display.

Then you have to look at the tabs and jump to the Process tab. Here we will look for Spotify to then right-click on it and select the option Open file location.

automatic spotify

The previous step opens the folder where Spotify is installed along with the rest of the files that make it work. Among them we find two with the clear icon of the program called “Spotify” and “SpotifyLauncher”. Well, here you have to right click and Rename on both files to add a 1 to their name. This will show “Spotify1” and “SpotifyLauncher1”.

[Optional] If you are one of those who does not know how to live without the shortcuts to your favorite programs well placed or cluttered on the desktop, the last step is to right click on the "Spotify1" file and select the Create shortcut option . In this way, an icon is created to be taken to the desktop or anywhere. The good thing is that its name can be changed to be called Spotify to dry, avoiding confusion or strange terms. With this, everything would be established and ready to be used regularly, icon included.

automatic spotify

With all these steps Spotify will be unable to start automatically, even when this feature has been disabled with the basic method. Thus, we will make sure that the program performs like an online music card and not like a vampire that devours both the battery and the RAM and the connection . A point that some users are forced to carry out due to the company's lack of resources when stopping this practice and, of course, due to the tax collection effort.

In this way, it only remains to use Spotify regularly. This means having to go through the process of starting the program, waiting for it to load for a few seconds more than patiently, and then choosing the music, playlist or content to enjoy. Of course, you will have to click on the new icon and not simply access the window, minimized or not, which is waiting patiently on the computer desktop. It is no longer necessary to suffer stoppages when starting the computer , nor feel obliged to constantly close the window every time the terminal is started. Quick, easy and for the whole family.

Now it only remains to hope that Spotify does not look for a somewhat more twisted way to hide the start function of its program, or that it creates lines of code capable of detecting this new method and avoiding it, despite the renaming of its files. In any case, we will look for a new solution again to tell you at Remember to use our comments section if you have any questions or problems with any of these processes.