This is the AKG headphones of the new Samsung Galaxy S8

So are the AKG headphones of the new Samsung Galaxy S8

The Samsung Galaxy S8 will hit the market at the end of April. And it does not come alone. The latest terminal from the Koreans will be accompanied by new high-performance headphones calibrated by AKG . A headset that, according to Samsung, offers excellent sound quality and a sophisticated design. In addition, they will also be available without the mobile with a price of 100 euros.

Samsung started a technology collaboration with Harman in 2016. Through this collaboration, your Samsung Galaxy devices can offer a better audio experience. So much so, that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will include a new headset calibrated by AKG by Harman. Headphones that have a comfortable fit hybrid channel that ensures better noise elimination. They are also made of anti-tangle metallic material.

The new headphones for the Samsung Galaxy S8 have been developed and tested by the microacoustics experts at AKG. The intention is to offer a more balanced and genuine sound than other headphones. They achieve this thanks to their specific frequency response, the result of measurements carried out by acoustic engineers.

The new Samsung Galaxy S8 headphones are compatible with all devices that have a 3.5 mm audio jack. They include a two-way speaker unit (11 mm + 8 mm dynamic). They are also very comfortable to transport, thanks to their weight of only 14.8 grams. A box is also included for transport and storage when not in use.

And we finish with the price. The headphones of the Samsung Galaxy S8 will go on sale independently with a price of 100 euros . They can be chosen in titanium gray and burgundy. Headphones are included with the Samsung Galaxy S8 at no additional cost.