Fortnite season 10: all the news, battle pass and more

Fortnite season 10: all the news, battle pass and more

After renders, leaks and unknowns about what's new in Fortnite, season 10 is here. The fashion video game receives great news in this important update, from the return of some of the most important locations, to new vehicles, weapons and options for the player. We have compiled all the most interesting news of the Battle Royale mode and we will tell you about them.

One of the main novelties, and the one that surely causes the most controversy in the video game, is BRUTE. It is a vehicle with the capacity to pass two people in the shape of a suit. If you go up you become a kind of robot and be able to shoot missiles and shotguns. If there are two drivers in the vehicle, the first will be in charge of driving it, while the second will be responsible for shooting. In addition to moving and shooting, with BRUTE you can also jump high, knock down structures or crush enemies.

Regarding the operation of the weapons, the shotgun that it incorporates has a 10-round magazine and does a maximum damage of 50 points . In the head it is multiplied by x1.5. The missile launcher allows to fire up to 10 missiles at the same time automatically. Another feature of this new vehicle is that we can create a kind of shield for about 5 seconds, which consumes up to 200 material. With the arrival of BRUTO, the Boloncho vehicle, Quadtaclismo and these weapons are eliminated from the game.

  • Flintlock pistol
  • Shadow pump
  • Semi-automatic marksman rifle
  • Mounted turret
  • Air attack

Lastly, hang gliding will only be available in large team modes. In the coming weeks we could see new weapons in the game.

As you might expect, Season X arrives with a new Battle Pass with up to 100 levels . This can be obtained for about 900 Bucks from the store. The Battle Pass incorporates new Skins, stickers for weapons, pets, dances and emojis. What's new? The missions. This new function allows us to obtain stars for the battle pass and experience by collecting different objects that will appear on the map.

What else is new in this new season? There are new locations. Some of these are locations that had been removed from the game. Epic Games encourages us to investigate the island, as they are somewhat different from previous seasons.

Improvements and fixes in Fortnite

The new update comes with different improvements and bug fixes. Especially in the sound, playability, performance and mobile platform . In the case of Android and iOS, automatic firing is improved, new options to interact with the controls and new buttons on the UHD.

Creative mode adds the ability to control the storm in a similar way as in Battle Royale mode. We can also customize the phases and control it in a more advanced way with another new object. Gameplay improvements, rules, and new items are also added.

The update is now available for download on all platforms . Maintenance is required, so you may not be able to play yet.

Via: Epic Games.