How to apply for the large family deduction in income 2018

How to deactivate obtaining the reference number by box 475 in Income 2018

The deduction for large families is an important issue that you must take into account when making the 2018 Income declaration . But do you know everything there is to know about this question? Today we want to clarify all your doubts in this regard and tell you, at the same time, how you can request the deduction for large family in your return this year.

First of all, you should know that the ancestors (or also the father and mother orphaned siblings) who form what is called a 'large family' have the right to a deduction in income tax . This is 1,200 euros per year for the general large family (up to four children) or 2,400 if it is a large family of a special category (families with 5 children or more).

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News for large families in La Renta 2018

You must bear in mind that, as announced by the Tax Agency, the amount of these deductions is increased this year by up to 600 euros per year for each of the children that make up the large family that exceed the minimum number of children for families numerous general or special.

However, as it is a recent change, the deduction this year can only be applied to an extra 250 euros per child, since it corresponds to the months of August and December . It is just the date on which this novelty came into force, from the hand of the Government of Pedro Sánchez.

In any case, to request these deductions, it will be essential that taxpayers make the corresponding indications in the boxes enabled to indicate this circumstance in the Renta WEB program, which is the tool that we are all using to make the 2018 Income statement.

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How to request the deduction for large family

The first thing you will have to do is access the Renta WEB service, which is available online and through the browser, from the official website of the Tax Agency. You can also type this address in the top bar: //

Click on the Draft processing service option and enter your identification data. Remember that you can do it both through the PIN code system, as well as through an electronic certificate or DNI or by reference number, which is the most convenient and quick option. Once inside, choose Draft / Declaration (Renta WEB).

The option to request the deduction for large family is included in screen 1. You have to choose the option “Deduction for large family. Amount of the deduction ” and access the screen for Differential Quota and return result, where you will have to select box [0660] on Screen 2.

Next, a window will open to fill in the deduction data, within Screen 3. At this point you must be clear if you have the right to the increase for each of the children that are part of your large family and that exceed the minimum marked by law for that category you are in (general or special).

Here you will have to indicate the number of children you have that exceed the quota marked in your category and indicate it for each of the months, between August and December 2018 . This will help you to make any indication, especially if your situation has changed during those months, because a new child has been born. As we said, the deduction this year has this particularity, because it cannot be applied for the entire fiscal year. In principle, for next year these deductions will be added for the entire 2019 financial year.