How to download and use the Office setup file

How to download and use the Office setup file

You may have lost your Office installation DVD, or purchased a license for this software in the form of a digital key. In both cases it will be very useful to be able to download the installation file from Microsoft's servers. We explain how to download and use the Office installation file in a completely legal way.

Download Office or Windows with the help of Windows ISO Downloader

To download the Office installation files we will use Windows ISO Downloader, a small program that greatly simplifies the process. It is a free tool that allows us to download the Office and Windows installation packages from Microsoft's servers.

Once the application is downloaded, we open it to access its interface. In the right part of the program we can choose if we want to download Office or Windows , as well as the specific version of each of them.

How to download and use the Office 1 setup file

In this case, we are interested in Office 2019, the latest version available. After selecting the version of the suite, we will have to choose an edition and a language . We have selected Office 2019 Professional in Spanish. You have to choose the version that corresponds to your license. Once you have selected everything, click on "Download"

How to download and use the Office 2 setup file

A new download window will open, we click " Accept " and the process will begin. Once it has been downloaded, you will be able to install Office on your PC without having to resort to the installation DVD. Remember that Office will not be activated, for this you will have to enter your license key later.

How to download and use the Office 3 setup file

Is it legal?

Totally, we will be obtaining the files directly from Microsoft's servers. All this application does is make the task easier for us, so that we do not have to go looking for the installer on the Microsoft website. Windows ISO Downloader does not activate Windows or Office in any way , for this you will have to acquire a license from one of the Microsoft authorized distributors.

This is all, we hope this tutorial will be very useful for you. remember to share it on social media so you can help all users who need it.