LG OLED E9, new Alpha 9 Gen 2 processor and glass design

LG OLED E9, TV with new Alpha 9 Gen 2 processor and glass design

We continue with our in-depth review of LG's OLED range for 2019 with the LG OLED E9, a model designed for those looking for a plus in design and audio . Although glass is still the main protagonist of the E series, this year LG has completely changed the design of the television. Now we have a very well integrated soundbar, with an invisible foot, since it is behind the screen. And, of course, this new model also includes all the technological innovations of this year.

The big news is the second generation Alpha 9 processor, which now includes Deep Learning . There is no lack of compatibility with the vast majority of HDR systems, Dolby Atmos sound and the latest version of the webOS operating system. The latter comes with the integrated ThinQ Artificial Intelligence system that, as we will see later, is now even smarter. We are going to review in depth the news that the new LG OLED E9 brings.


Diagonal55 and 65 inches
Resolution and technology4K, Alpha 9 Gen. 2 processor with Deep Learning, Dolby Vision, HLG
Panel typeOLED
Operating systemwebOS 4.5 with ThinQ
ControlMagic Remote
Sound4.2ch, 60W (20W + 10W woofer per channel), AI Sound, Dolby Atmos
Connections4 x HDMI 2.1, 3 x USB, optical out, headphone out
Wireless connectivity802.11ac WiFi, Bluetooth 5.0, AirPlay 2
OthersGallery mode

Compatible with the Google Assistant

Dimensions (with base)55 inches: 122.6 x 75.3 x 22 cm

65 inches: 144.7 x 87.7 x 22 cm

Weight (with stand)55 inch: 25.8 kg

65 inch: 33.6 kg

Release dateAvailable
Price55 inches: 3,000 euros

65 inches: 3,800 euros

Glass design with hidden stand

thoroughly LG OLED E9 glass support

LG does not usually make big changes in design from one year to the next, but it does make some tweaks so that the televisions are not exactly the same. This year the E series sports a somewhat more striking design change, since the base "disappears from view". The LG OLED E9 has a glass frame that reaches the end of the TV, leaving the support behind it .

Thus, if we look at the television from the front, it will give us the feeling of not having support . Actually, this is hidden in the back, acting as an “easel” for the screen, but, according to the images, without tilting it.

in-depth LG OLED E9 profile

As we can see in the first image, between the panel and the glass support we have the sound bar. This year it is really narrow and discreet, although it hides inside a 4.2 channel system with a power of 60W .

The back is finished in glass but with texture, in black, very striking. As is usual, in the lower area we have a thicker area where we find the connectors. Of course, every year LG reduces this area to be smaller, giving more prominence to the glass .

in-depth LG OLED E9 cable manager

Also, the LG OLED E9 has a  cable manager . This keeps all the connections perfectly organized to have a more organized multimedia area.

In short, we are facing a television that offers a plus in design and sound compared to the LG OLED C9. At the moment it is only available in 55 and 65 inches .

Alpha 9 Gen.2 Processor with Dolby Vision

thorough LG OLED E9 noise reduction

The new LG OLED E9 not only includes new features in its design. Also inside, with the Alpha 9 Gen.2 processor as the main protagonist. They are still a 14-bit chip, but this year it has a Deep Learning algorithm to optimize the image and sound .

The AI ​​algorithm with Deep Learning optimizes clarity, sharpness, details and brightness when analyzing content and ambient light for sharper images. By studying thousands of images, the new processor is able to offer greater clarity regardless of the source or format of the broadcast .

thoroughly LG OLED E9 brightness IA

In addition to "cleaning" the image to improve sharpness, the new Alpha 9 Gen.2 also features AI Brightness . The light sensor detects ambient light and the processor automatically optimizes the brightness of the image to make it sharp and bright, regardless of the surrounding lighting.

On the other hand, the Alpha 9 Gen.2 processor is also capable of optimizing the sound according to the content . Identify the voice, effects, and frequency to enhance the sound of the TV. Additionally, spatial recognition technology helps deliver balanced sound that adapts to space.

With the new processor, the LG OLED E9 can handle the Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos systems even better , which are present again this year. Also, just like last year, the TV also includes HDR10, Technicolor, HLG and HDR Converter.

Updated Smart TV, now even smarter

in-depth LG OLED E9 Smart TV

Last year, LG added the ThinQ system to its OLED and Nanocell televisions. The LG OLED E9 arrives with webOS 4.5, which maintains the ThinQ system and which becomes more intelligent thanks to the incorporation of the Google Assistant and Amazon's Alexa .

Both assistants are integrated, that is, we will not need an external speaker to use them . This means that we can transform our television into a complete control center of our digital home. In addition, we can ask the TV practically anything, as well as use the thousands of Alexa skills.

The functions of the ThinQ system that we already know are also maintained, such as content suggestions, changing TV functions or Gallery mode for when we have the TV turned off, among many other options.

Pricing and availability

in-depth LG OLED E9 pricing

LG has several OLED TV models in its catalog. We have the B series, an entry range with a somewhat simpler processor. There is the C series, which offers the Alpha 9 processor at a lower price. And we also have the E and W series, the two highest-end models that improve in sound and design to the C series.

The LG OLED E9 offers a new design with a glass frame, hidden foot and a small sound bar located at the bottom . For the rest, it has all the technological improvements of 2019, such as the second generation Alpha 9 processor.

We can get the LG OLED E9 in 55 inches with a price of 3,000 euros and in 65 inches with a price of 3,800 euros .