How to activate and use the multi-window on the Samsung Galaxy S8

How to activate and use the multi-window on the Samsung Galaxy S8

It is difficult for the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 + not to surprise you at first glance. These panels occupy almost the entire front of the phone and, on top, have curved edges. This minimalist design has allowed Samsung to take the screen size of its mobiles to new heights. Specifically, up to a 5.8-inch panel on the S8. And 6.2 inches on the S8 +. To take advantage of all that screen, an excellent tool is its multi -window , which allows us to use two apps at the same time. We tell you how to activate it and the options it offers.

How to activate and use the multi-window on the Samsung Galaxy S8 1

How to activate the multi-window of the Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8 +

It is strange that this function is disabled by default. Although it is not difficult to find, it is clear that it is in danger of being forgotten if you do not dive into the smartphone settings.

To activate it, you have to go to the Settings, Advanced Functions and Multi window menu . Here are two options for marking. One of them to launch the multi-window and the second to play with several apps as if it were the Windows desktop.

Multi-window on the Samsung Galaxy S8

This is how the multi-window of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 + works

We go with the first option. Once activated, when we hold down the left touch button to open the list of apps, we can enter two different apps in the same window. Divided with a horizontal or vertical line, depending on whether we have the mobile in portrait or landscape position.

The blue line that separates the apps can be moved to customize the size of each app. The operation is as simple as operating on one of the sides of the screen where one of the apps is. To exit this mode, you have to drag the line until there is only space for one app.

Floating windows on the Samsung Galaxy S8

Floating windows and icons

Now we go with the second option, which can give us even more play. Once activated, we can turn an app into a floating window or icon. To do this, you have to keep your finger in one of the corners with the app open and drag towards the center. If we have done it correctly, we will see a small window of the app appear that can be dragged anywhere.

We can also turn it into an icon with the button on the top left, return it to full screen or close the app. The grace of this mode is that it offers us the option of playing with several windows at the same time in the purest Windows style. Of course, compared to the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 that allowed us to move several floating icons on the screen, in this case they are grouped into a single drop-down icon (as seen in the image below).

Floating icons on the Samsung Galaxy S8

By the way, not all apps support this feature. And sometimes it is difficult to carry out the movement.