Nokia N95: Small, Seductive, and Full-featured


It is the all-in-one of mobile telephony. The Nokia N95 is the perfect example of how to combine all the pocket devices in a very handy, small and light terminal. GPS navigator, high-quality camera, video camera, multimedia player, Wi Fi ”¦ and it is also useful for making calls by phone.

Nokia presented this terminal in September last year in New York. A few days ago he showed it again at the 3GSM World Congress that was held in Barcelona and, in a month, we will have it in stores. From here we give you our first impressions of a team that have been passed to us as a preview.


The strong point of the terminal is that it carries all the functions and with quality. On the other hand, the design is another of its main attractions. By sliding the screen up or down, the conventional keyboard and the panel with the buttons for multimedia playback are revealed. Depending on the position of the front we will have a custom menu. When placed back in the center, the keyboard locks automatically. The guys at Nokia have thought of everything.

It is a small and light terminal. Very portable. It measures 99mm long by 53mm wide and 21mm thick. Although I would have to say thin. In addition, it only weighs 120 grams.

When analyzing the functions we have found, to begin with, that the camera is of very good quality. No less than 5 megapixels and a lens made by Carl Zeiss. By the way, it has a lens protector that should be present in all camera phones. It has a flash and a 2.6-inch screen with 16 million colors. The only thing missing is the optical zoom (we like to ask the elm for pears). Anyway, the day I get money to buy the terminal, I will retire my compact camera for good.


On the other hand, it has all the imaginable multimedia functions: camera and video player (VGA quality, MPEG-4 at 30 frames per second) and direct connection to the television. The MP3 player also incorporates a direct connection to the PC, dedicated control keys and a conventional headphone jack. It also has a complete photo organizer system.

To connect to the Internet, we can pay the rates of mobile operators through high speed connection (HSDPA). Or, enter through Wi-Fi networks (much cheaper and, in addition, they usually also connect at full speed). Obviously, the terminal has a browser and an email manager.

One of the newest functions for a terminal of these characteristics is the GPS navigator. A system that informs us of the direction we have to take at all times to reach our destination. The terminal will include in some promotions the maps of Spain and Portugal (on the memory card), although it has not touched us at the moment. As soon as it arrives we will try it and we will tell you how it works.

As for the connections, it also has everything just and necessary: ​​standard miniUSB input, MiniSD card reader, conventional minijack for headphones ”¦ All standard and as it should be (to see if the manufacturers take note). Another invaluable connection is Wi-Fi access (it also has Bluetooth, but this is already more common).

At the end of the road, we cannot forget that apart from all these functions, the equipment is used to make calls by phone or even to communicate by videoconference. An entire multimedia computer (as Nokia say), which we classify as the most complete on the market to date.


- What we liked the most: The amount of functions integrated into a small and light terminal, with a sliding screen that has an almost erotic touch. In addition, the design is impeccable and the integration of the menus, very good

- What we liked the least: That it does not have an optical zoom and that it does not bring us our shoes when we get home. The price is sure to throw us back a bit and that is, although we do not have the final price, our impression is that it will not drop below 600 euros.

- We recommend it to: Dads, moms, fat, skinny, handsome, ugly, tall, short ”¦ The only thing they will have to carry money in their pocket. Man, if we take into account what we save by not having to buy a browser, a camera and an MP3 player ”¦ some will say, it is not a bad price at all. It's what good things have. They cost money.