Tricks for Windows 8, how to recover the Start menu with list of programs

Windows 8

If you can't get used to using Windows 8 and you want to recover the popular start menu that you've been using all your life, you have two options. Either reinstall Windows 7 on your computer or follow one of the alternative ways to be able to enjoy this menu again on the desktop interface of this system. Although there are several options on the market in the form of programs that recreate the start menu, today we bring you a simpler method that does not require the installation of any type of application. Through very few steps you will be able to enjoy a simpler alternative than this menu but which can become a very useful way of accessing your applications.

The first thing we must do is access the classic desktop interface within Windows 8 . Once inside it, we right-click on the task bar (the lower gray bar). We choose the first option of toolbars and within the drop-down menu that appears when we hold the mouse over it we choose the last option of "New toolbar". In this step we must make sure that we have the option to see the hidden files and folders selected , since otherwise we will not be able to find the folders we have to choose.

Windows start menu

For users who do not have this option activated, just go to Windows Explorer , click on the "View" tab at the top of the window near "File" and finally select the option "Elements hidden ”. Now we can return to the previous menu. We must go to the disk drive that houses the operating system, generally "C: /". We choose the folder "ProgramData". The next folder to choose is "Microsoft", "Windows" and then "Start Menu" and "Programs".At this point we also have to bear in mind that some computers can show these last two folders as "Start Menu" and "Programs" , but the end result should be the same.

Once we have selected this folder on the task bar, a title called "Programs" or "Programs" should appear with two small arrows. If we click on these little arrows, we can access a list of all the desktop programs that we installed on the system (and that during their installation we chose to have a folder in the Windows start menu ). For more similarity to the usual start menu, we can drag this bar to the left . If we are already using Windows 8.1 version ,This task bar will appear immediately to the right of the Windows button that leads to the main system interface. Undoubtedly, this start menu is much simpler than the one found in systems such as Windows 7, but it is a more direct way to access desktop programs in the case of those users who do not use the new interface. In addition, we can play with the shortcuts that we put inside the "Programs" folder to customize the menu.