Amazon Pantry, conditions and catalog of the Amazon online supermarket

Amazon Pantry, conditions and catalog of the Amazon online supermarket

Last October, it was one year since Amazon Pantry arrived in Spain. This service landed in our country to revolutionize the consumer food sector, with a catalog full of products at a good price. It was not the first time that the ecommerce giant launched something similar in Spain. Weeks before, he had done the same with Amazon Prime Now, his fresh food service, available only in Madrid and Barcelona.

With Amazon Pantry you can fill the pantry by making the purchase from your computer or tablet. All those products necessary for the home that are not fresh are offered . For example, we can find everything from cleaning supplies to mineral water, soft drinks, UHT milk, preserves, condiments, food for our pets or cereals. In addition, we can choose brands of all kinds: Gallina Blanca, Central Lechera Asturiana, Matutano, ColaCao, Coca Cola, Scottex, Nivea, Colhogar, L'Oréal ... The web or mobile interface of Amazon Prime Now is very intuitive, with sections with discounts or the best sellers. There is also a section available for the shopping list or products by categories. Its search engine will help you to better locate the item you need.

Amazon pantry basket

Conditions and benefits

Currently, Amazon Pantry is available in 7,500 cities and towns (peninsula and Balearic Islands). Everything you buy through the service will be sent to your home in a box with a capacity of up to 20 kilos. About the size of a supermarket cart. Don't worry because Amazon will notify you the moment you have filled it out, in case you need to start adding products to a new one. If you look closely, when you are going to select a specific item, the percentage that it will occupy in the box appears below. The percentage is calculated according to each product, based on weight or maximum dimensions.

Amazon pantry

As with Prime Now, Amazon does not require a minimum order from the customer in order to ship. You will have to pay 4 euros for each box where all the items that we have bought will go. Of course, the company is launching different promotions. Now, for example, until January 14, if they exceed 50 euros, shipping will be completely free.

The main advantage of Amazon Pantry is the convenience when making the purchase. The service allows you to access a wide variety of supermarket items in medium sizes and receive them directly at your home address. You will not have to wait in queues or travel, which is a great time saving. You only have to worry about getting offers or what interests you, fill the box (or not) and pay 4 euros more for what you have purchased. You will receive the order in one or two days with all the selected products. You have bought a box or more than one.

Amazon Pantry benefits

Another advantage is the interface. If you are used to shopping on Amazon, you will find that Amazon Pantry is the same. Only buying supermarket products . There are different very comfortable and practical sections that facilitate the search. The website is structured by Food, Beverages, Home Care, Personal Care, Babies or Pets. Within each section there are more subcategories. For example, within pets we find Dogs, Cats or Birds. It will be very easy for you to locate the food.

Amazon will notify you of the available offers. Now there is a special section with a 3 × 2 in a selection of products.You can also search for the best sellers, which are usually quite cheap products. Or, those that accelerate the most in sales in Amazon Pantry. Another interesting section within Pantry is the shopping list. As explained on the web, here you can find different shopping lists ordered by themes or categories. Each of these lists contains an article recommendation. In addition, you can increase or decrease the amount depending on the interest you have in the product. Once ready, you will be able to see the total price, as well as the percentage of the box that has been occupied. Likewise, you will have the possibility to add all the items on the list by clicking on the "Add products to cart" section.

Is it worth buying from Amazon Pantry?

It's the million dollar question. If you go around the web you will see that there are claim products at a very good price. If you are really used to shopping and you usually compare prices, it will be very easy to take advantage of Pantry. In my opinion, this service can be really effective to complete your daily purchases. Choosing a series of very cheap monthly products will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Amazon Pantry toothpaste

Putting some examples, we have located Oral B Pro Expert toothpaste at only 1.59 euros. If we go to Cerrefour we find this same toothpaste at 3.25 euros. The same as if we go to Mercadona or Día supermarkets. It is usually an expensive product that in Amazon Pantry is at a really attractive price . Same with toilet paper. The Scottex package of 40 rolls is in Pantry at 6.74 euros. If we go to Cerrefour, we find this same product almost 3 euros more expensive, at 9.10 euros. With the Principe cookies (the pack of three packages) more of the same. In Amazon Pantry they are worth 2.66 euros, while in Carrefour or other super online they are double the price, 4.40 euros.

If we enter a section at random, such as Canned Food, and compare product prices, also at random, we come across surprises again. The marinated calvo mussels Isabel are available at 1.81 euros a pack of three cans. This same item costs 3.60 euros at Carrefour online. But by taking more items, such as the Casa Tarradellas pâté, the Albo tuna or the Apis crushed tomato, there is also a saving in all of them compared to other online supermarkets such as Carrefour. The same occurs in the rest of the sections. More or less savings, but always lower prices.

Amazon Pantry pricing

Yes, Amazon Pantry has really managed to seduce me . It is possible that I will not do my weekly shopping here, but it is clear that I will enter a lot to buy those long-term products, such as shampoos, pasta or rice, which are a few euros higher in the rest of the supermarkets.