Why doesn't my phone work with the virtual reality glasses?

Why doesn't my phone work with the virtual reality glasses?

Almost all new smartphones are compatible with virtual reality, but if you can't find how to activate this function on your mobile, we recommend you follow a few simple steps to check if your terminal is compatible .

Why is my mobile phone not compatible with virtual reality?

First of all, virtual reality requires a powerful phone with good resolution and also a processor that offers good performance. Otherwise the phone will not be able to handle high resolution graphics and the real-time demands of virtual reality.

Some high-end terminals on the market already have 4K resolution screens , but if you manage a lower budget you will have to settle for 2K or QHD screens.

In any case, a Full HD (1080p) resolution screen probably falls short for you to enjoy virtual reality content with your glasses.

If we talk about processor and RAM , on the other hand, we are thinking about the performance capacity of the phone. Too basic a processor can fall short when handling high resolution graphics, which can result in image "skipping".

Another essential requirement is the gyroscope . To put it in a nutshell, the gyroscope is the built-in sensor that detects the orientation of the phone in space. For example: if you turn it to one side or the other, or if you orient it up or down.

The gyroscope became a great frustration for many users when Pokémon GO was launched, since there were still quite a few terminals that did not have this feature and that, therefore, were not compatible with the augmented reality options of the game.

In virtual reality, you need a gyroscope. Otherwise, when you move your head with the glasses on, the image would not “scroll” following our new orientation . And this is simply because the phone does not recognize that change in space.

We recommend doing a quick check with the Gyroscope Tester application on Google Play, which will tell you in a few steps if your phone has a gyroscope.

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Why can't I see virtual reality well with my glasses?

As you know, there are many models of virtual reality glasses on the market. Logically, not all of them are equally comfortable or made with the same materials. However, any of these models allow you to enjoy virtual reality mode on your smartphone .

It may also happen that you have a compatible terminal but have problems with your glasses. There can be several causes:

  • Make sure the phone is snug in the glasses tray . The split screen image should be exactly centered on the surface of the tray.
  • Prevent light from entering through any of the "corners" of the glasses. Tighten the straps to fit your perfect fit.
  • Adjust the brightness of the phone to the maximum.
  • Manually regulate the focal length of the glasses so you can enjoy the image without sharpness problems.

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Where can I see content in virtual reality?

There are more and more online catalogs with virtual reality content so you can enjoy them from your mobile. We recommend that you review, for example, the category especially dedicated to virtual reality on YouTube .

Many phone manufacturers also have their own content catalog, and more and more creators are opting to develop videos and series in virtual reality.