Energy Sistem Tower 8 G2 Wood, a speaker with a lot of music for little money

Energy Tower 8 G2 Wood, a speaker that offers a lot of music for little money

Energy Sistem stands out for offering products with an excellent performance / price ratio, and here we have a good sample. Your Tower 8 G2 is a versatile speaker with up to 120W of power. It is on sale imminently in this elegant Wood version, for 160 euros . It has Bluetooth wireless connectivity, as well as analog and digital inputs of all kinds. In addition to an SD card reader or a USB memory input. It measures 105 cm tall and is slim at 17 cm wide and 22 cm deep. It weighs almost 9 kg.

Up to 120W of power

The Energy Sistem Tower 8 G2 is a three-way loudspeaker with four speakers . The bass frequencies, the rhythm, are reproduced by a 6.5-inch diameter speaker located on the lower side. The media, where much of the music or vocals are, is reproduced by two front 4-inch-diameter speakers. And the highs, which will add detail and ambience to the sound as well as the higher notes, are provided by a 1.5-inch silk dome speaker.

But this is an active speaker, that is, it does not need external amplification because it is built-in . In this case, and being three-way active, it has three internal amplifiers. A 50 W one moves the subwoofer. Another 30W is the one that handles the two midrange speakers. And finally a 10 W stage takes care of the tweeter or tweeter. Each stage is optimized for the range of frequencies it amplifies. That is why the bass is much more powerful than the treble, because to move the 6.5-inch speaker you need more than for the 1.5-inch.

Inputs and Bluetooth

The connectivity of the Energy Sistem Tower 8 G2 is very complete, in fact the only thing it lacks is Wifi or network. It has all the other possibilities , including Bluetooth. It is the easiest way to send music possibly: we pair the mobile, and that's it. We can send you music that we have saved or connect you in that way to a service such as Spotify. It is Bluetooth 4.1 Class II compatible with the A2DP and AVRCP protocols.

But there is much more: it has a USB connector and a microSD memory reader . So we can put up to 64 GB of music, which is many discs and many hours, and let it play as we prefer. It supports WAV and MP3 formats, that is, the most common. And the USB port supports the charging of any type of device, with high current (up to 2 A).

Energy Sistem Tower 8 G2

And in addition to this connectivity, the Energy Sistem Tower 8 G2 has more options. It has what one expects to find in any hi-fi set . It has an optical digital input, capable of receiving music up to 24 bit and 96 kHz. And it has two traditional stereo analog inputs. One with RCA coaxial connectors, the other with a 3.5mm headphone jack input.

As if that were not enough, the Energy Sistem Tower 8 G2 also incorporates an internal FM radio . It is an advanced radio, with RDS functions, and has an IEC antenna connection. If we have an external antenna, the reception will be perfect. By connecting the indoor antenna we will logically depend on the FM radio coverage in our home

Control and displays

To manage all possible sources, the Energy Sistem Tower 8 G2 has a remote control that works up to about ten meters. Its 2'2-inch front LCD screen allows you to see what source is playing, or the listening volume. And also other options such as the internal two band equalizer, which will help to leave the music to taste or adapted to the location in the room. The upper part of the box has several control buttons to be able to do it if we are close and do not have the remote at hand.

Energy Sistem Tower 8 G2 controls

In addition to all the inputs this speaker also has analog RCA outputs. It is possible, through them or via Bluetooth, to pair two or more units to work reinforcing the sound or as a stereo pair.