How to download a Netflix series or movie

How to download a Netflix series or movie

It is relatively recently that Netflix landed in our lives. Since then, the catalog has done nothing but increase. Their series are already counted by dozens and, every time, they produce more films. This, coupled with the fact that its rates are really cheap, make Netflix a great alternative to torrent downloads. And completely legal.

But there is something that was missing when Netflix appeared in our lives: the possibility of watching series and movies without spending data. We needed, then, a system that was like the one Netflix already has: a mode without an Internet connection. What does this mean? Well, to be able to download a movie or series from Netflix , while we are on a WiFi connection, and then enjoy it offline.

We can think of many situations in which this system is essential. None better than a transoceanic flight. Low cost airlines do not have a succulent premiere catalog, at least as in more expensive rates. So what's better than downloading a Netflix movie or series and watching on the flight? Well, better one season. And how about a movie? Make it five.

Download series and movies for a long journey

The Netflix emporium entrance

How to download a Netflix series or movie?

It was very recently that Netflix finally gave us this service. Being able to download content and watch it, then, without data, it was already possible. And without cheating or cardboard, although with a slight inconvenience. We would not have the entire catalog due to rights problems. Of course, Netflix's own content is complete and ready for download. This includes series like Daredevil, Jessica Jones, the recent Santa Clarita Diet, or previously unreleased movies in our theaters.

To download a Netflix movie or series you only need a Netflix account (even if it is the most basic of 8 euros) and enough space on your mobile for movies and series. Here are some tips to save space. We also recommend that you download the downloads under high-speed WiFi to save time.

A full season can occupy just over 2 GB on your mobile . One episode, less than 300MB. As for the movies, we can have a complete one downloaded with a size of just over 500 MB. With this data, you need to do the math and see if you have space on your phone.

The main drawback of downloading movies and series from Netflix is that it is only available on mobile devices. Although, of course, this does not have to be bad: it is much more comfortable to see the content on a medium-sized device.

Steps to follow to download on Netflix

Once we have entered our account, we go to the hamburger menu located in the upper left corner. Here we look for the section 'Available for download' . Here we can see what we can download from the Netflix catalog.

available for download on Netflix

How to download series and movies on Netflix

Once the program is selected, we look for the corresponding episode (or movie) and click on the arrow. At this point the download will begin. In this case, we see that episode 1 of the series 'Love' weighs 241 MB.

netflix series to download

An episode usually weighs 200 MB

In the 'My downloads ' section of the menu we can manage them: see what we have archived, delete it once we have seen it, etc.

My Netflix Downloads

How to manage my downloads

To configure the downloads, go to 'Application Settings' . Here we have a whole section in which we can indicate how we will download, its quality and its location. This is very useful if you have a microSD card in your mobile and you don't want to use the internal storage. You can also delete all downloads with one click.

And this is how you have to download a Netflix movie or series . No trip will ever be boring again.