10 alternative Netflix series to discover this summer

10 alternative Netflix series to discover this summer

Everybody watches series. Find in them something to talk about later with your friends and it is a product that is easily digested. 20 or 50 minute pills that usually end in a turning point that causes you to chain episode after episode. When you have to decide between one series or another, you usually go for the basics. Undeniable classics, audience hits ... Series that they recommend to you that, in general, tend to be very popular. We do not mean by this that they are of worse quality than other less known ones. Not at all. But sometimes you want to get out of the mainstream and take a walk on the alternative side of the series. That's why we propose 10 alternative Netflix series to discover this summer.

Dramas, comedies, unclassifiable, but all with a common link: series to discover. Those series that have not yet reached the mass public such as Stranger Things or Daredevil and that contain stories equal to or more interesting than those. These are the 10 alternative Netflix series that you can discover during your summer vacations.

Please like me

The least snobbish answer to Lena Dunham's Girls is this cute and cute Australian series that recently came to an end. Like that one, Please Like Me is the product of a single mind, that of the comedian from the antipodes Josh Thomas. In Please Like Me she plays Josh, a young man who has just come out of the closet, with a mother with mental problems and a father just starting a new relationship.

A series in which topics such as mental illness, death, homosexuality and abortion are seen from a natural prism, without yellowishness or fanfare. A series for addicts to human stories , in which you laugh as well as cry. 4 seasons, 32 episodes of 20 minutes that pass in a breath.

Dear whites

A series based on the acclaimed film of the same title. 'Dear white people' is an x-ray, around humor, of how the African-American community copes in an eminently white student environment . It has garnered very good reviews from the specialized media. 10 episodes that have created controversy, to the point of being accused by some, unfairly, of transmitting a message of reverse racism.

The House of Cards

No, we do not want you to see the House of Cards that everyone knows, but its original version. The hit political series starring Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright Penn is based on a highly regarded BBC miniseries. The series dates back to 1995 and is only four parts long, so it can be viewed as a long movie. If you want to know what the origins of House of Cards were , this is your series.

Rick and morty

One of the most imaginative, original, mindless, intelligent and hooligan animation series of recent times. Imagine Doc from Back to the Future but always drunk and with access to infinite portals from other dimensions. And he has a grandson with whom he runs a thousand adventures, always with strange beings, who invade reality, disrupting it beyond the limits of physics. Of course, be careful with the little ones in the house, because it is an animation series only for adults. It deals with tricky subjects always from an irreverent and tremendously eschatological prism.

Freeks and Geeks

One of the best teen series ever created. Under the mastermind of Judd Apatow and with actors who are tremendously popular today (James Franco or Seth Rogen, without going any further), Freek and Geeks meant treating the teenager face to face. Do not avoid their traumas and phobias without avoiding touches of humor. A series to return to again and again or remember that we were all teenagers once.


The only foray, so far, into the terrain of the English comedian Ricky Gervais' drama. Derek is quite a special boy: he works in a senior center and behaves as if he were an eternal child. Thus, Gervais portrays in his series, with an impressive mastery of emotions, a plea in favor of difference and an astonishing and sober reflection on the passage of time and death. He does not forget humor and seeks, as always, that discomfort that delusional situations cause but the ultimate goal is not laughter but rather being aware that, one day, we will all die. A series that deals with settling accounts with the past and living the future without anxiety.


A somewhat peculiar comedy, starring Steve Van Zandt, co-star of the famous The Sopranos. In Lilyhammer, Van Zandt once again takes the role of a member of the Italian mafia in New York who ends up in witness protection after incriminating his boss in the organization. To achieve the desired anonymity, Lilyhammer, a very small town in Norway, is trumped up in which her life will not be as peaceful as she expected. Because the past, no matter how much we avoid it, always ends up exploding in our noses.

Happy valley

We continue to move in rural settings and from Norway we move to the Yorkshire Valley. In Happy Valley, the prestigious BBC series, we follow Catherine, a police sergeant who has a pending account with the culprit of her daughter's suicide. Happy Valley has two seasons of 4 episodes of one hour each. If you like mystery series set in small towns (a whole genre, and if not, tell Twin Peaks) this is a good option.

Arrested Development

One of the best comedy series of all time and, at the same time, a parody of sophisticated soap operas a la Falcon Crest. A dysfunctional family like few must face the fact that the father has ended up with his bones in jail. Among its wildest members, an alcoholic mother, an excessively clumsy magician, an eternal adolescent with a tremendous fixation for the mother and a therapist who urgently needs a psychologist. A series to which, if the point is caught, can bring laughter and tears .

W / Bob and David

The legendary Mr. Show series, created by Bob Odenkirk (Better Call Saul) and David Cross (Arrested Development), had a four-episode sequel, just as surreal, perplexing, and hilarious. As if we were putting Monty Python and Pee Wee Herman in the same shaker , W / Bob and David is recommended for those who enjoy the more absurd and missed side of less conventional humor. To be forewarned, nothing better than to see the great cover letter of the series, created by the artist Cyriak.

These are 10 alternative Netflix series  that you can watch on vacation. Surprise your friends with juicy new recommendations this summer.