10 funny memes to celebrate Valentine's Day on WhatsApp

10 funny memes to celebrate Valentine's Day on WhatsAppSingle, be very careful, the day you least think about it, the angel they call Cupid could hover around you, that rosy creature that is dedicated to shooting arrows to unite beings of all kinds and fur. Love, which many reduce to a combination of chemical reactions, moves, how could it be otherwise, millions of euros throughout the year, especially with the celebration of Valentine's Day. And do you know what is the best you can give on this special day? Well, some good Valentine's memes that make you laugh, convey love and are free.

Some say that this party is just a commercial hoax to make commercial companies richer. This is surely true. But since we live in the world we live in and we were born to play, why avoid having a detail with the person you love? And if you accompany the gift with a meme, it will be perfection.

We recommend that, to share Valentine's memes, open this special with your mobile phone. When you have the desired meme you just have to hold it down for a few seconds. A pop-up window will open in which you will have to select 'Download image'. Then, save it to your mobile and share it as you do with other files.

The danger of saying 'I love you'

When you say 'I love you' one expects the couple to say the same. The silence after an 'I love you' can be one of the most traumatic moments that a person can go through. And, above all, the bad thing is when it is said for the first time. It'll be very soon? Is it already too late? What is to be said? The best thing is that you say what you want when you feel like it, but always maintaining respect. If you say so and you don't get an answer, ask openly. Maybe you have an issue pending to solve with your partner.

valentine meme 01

A difficult day for haters

For all those who all do is rant on networks, harass others and have negative opinions about everything, Valentine's Day is a tough challenge. It is a day when the networks are filled with messages of love, couples dedicate beautiful words to each other… while you will see them like this, ready to end any show of affection and affection that they notice, see and read. But we must not lose heart, we have to make social networks a place of love and not of hate.

valentine meme 02

Oh Cupid, Cupid!

This little angel, always doing his thing . Going from here to there, looking for defenseless victims to pierce with their arrows of love. The best thing is to let yourself go and, although the edge of the arrows hurts, it is part of this wonderful thing that life is. Don't reject love, surrender to it!

valentine meme 03

Not even with a stick

Does n't anyone like you ?, Have you not received any love messages this Valentine? Don't worry, we all have someone out there willing to spend their lives with us. Well, maybe not life, but a nice time, sure it will. What you should do is send this Valentine's Day meme and hit the streets. Who knows, your better half may be right around the corner.

valentine meme 04

And the right to brush?

What happens if we don't have a partner but a ' friend with the right to touch '? no, right? Well, what we save. We have everything going for us, sex, no gifts, no ties ... Or so you think. Because when you see your friends with their partners and their gifts ... do you get something like nostalgia?

valentine meme 05

Looks are deceiving

When you celebrate Valentine's Day as a couple, you do not usually (or rather should not) be aware of social networks. So, what better trick to make others believe that we are enjoying a day as a couple than not appearing on Facebook or Instagram ? So you can take advantage to do other things like ... open Tinder?

valentine meme 06

A Valentine ... of dogs

They also have the right to celebrate Valentine's Day , even if their courtship system is diametrically opposite to ours. And thank goodness, I don't even want to imagine what would become of us if we went around smelling someone else's behind. Well, there are men who do not hesitate to do so. Keep your snouts out of the reach of people, please respect a little! If you are a dog, fine, we allow it.

valentine meme 07

A really pretty Valentine's meme

Well, let's put the laughter aside for a moment and spend a few seconds reading this beautiful meme that ensures that true love is found in who is with you, every day, accepting you as you are and without wanting to change you. Unless you are a cruel and unfeeling individual, then do us a favor: change as soon as possible. Do not allow anyone to put up with you because, simply, 'you are that you are'.

valentine meme 08

Everyone has their vices

Each one chooses the partner they want or can. In this case, this girl, neither short nor lazy, has decided that alcohol is going to be her forever and ever partner . He is not going to leave her alone, he is not going to disappoint her, nor is he going to ask her for explanations when she comes home late. What's more, it will encourage you to stay up continuously. Her love is alcohol and no one can stop her. Well, maybe an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting will do it once and for all. Drink in moderation, this is no joke.valentine meme 09

Ciao, love!

Love is ending and that cannot be remedied by any Valentine. If you have suffered a recent breakup , and more specifically, he has left you for another person, with this meme you will feel very identified. The loves of our life, perhaps, are not so, and they are the love of the lives of others. The best thing is to let them go with their better half, who, for sure, ours is yet to come.

valentine meme 10