10 video clips of Christmas songs you can see on YouTube

10 video clips of Christmas songs you can see on YouTube

With the passage of time Christmas carols have evolved, to the point that we can find very current songs sung by great musician that make Christmas the main axis of the song. Many of them have their own video clips, even with live performances, in which they delight us with their impressive voices. If you like Christmas music, but want to avoid tedious and boring Christmas carols with typical children's voices, don't miss our selection. We leave you 10 YouTube videos that you cannot stop watching this Christmas.

1. Mariah Carey: All I Want For Christmas Is You

This issue is a few years old. It was published in 1994, but had to wait until a couple of Christmases to become popular. To the point that last year it entered the top 10 on Billboard. This year and, after re-entering the top 29, it is already top 14. All I Want For Christmas Is You is one of those endearing songs that do not seem like a Christmas carol , but a declaration of love. But the truth is that both the lyrics and the different musical sounds of the song invite us to listen to it only at this time.

To all this we must add the video clip, with a very smiling Mariah Carey, in her best time, dressed as Santa Claus and enjoying the snow and everything that Christmas brings: the tree and the gifts.

2. Beyoncé: Hail Mary

One of the best voices of recent times, we refer to Beyoncé, dared with Schubert's Ave Maria in full direct. In addition, on a stage according to the occasion and accompanied by violins and piano.

Although the Ave Maria is associated with religious ceremonies and is one of the most popular Christmas songs, the truth is that in its beginnings it did not exactly have this type of connotation. It was created for piano and solo voice and had as its central axis the literary work "The Lady of the Lake" by Walter Scott. In it, its protagonist Ellen Douglas asks the virgin to help her in a situation of need.

3. Wham !: Last Christmas

It may not sound too Wham !, especially if you are very young, but it is almost impossible that you do not know George Michael. He was one of the members of this formation along with Andrew Ridgeley. Wham! it was dissolved in the year 86, only five years after it was created, but the good thing is that at that time they were able to release songs as good as this to the world. Last Christmas is another of the songs that sound over and over again every Christmas and that we can't get tired of listening to.

Like Mariah Carey's All I Want For Christmas Is You, Last Christmas is a song of love and the need to reconnect on these dates with the person who brings us upside down.

4. Ariana Grande: Santa Tell Me

How great is Ariana and how good Santa Tell Me sounds. You can listen to her and see the video clip on YouTube, where, in a very Christmas pose, the artist shows us again her more youthful and affectionate side. This song was released (also as an audio file on Ariana's Vevo channel) on November 24, 2014, so it's four years old now. The video was made by Ariana herself with her friends Brian Nicholson, Scott Nicholson, Tracy Takahashi, Nekai Johnson and other dancers.

5. Sinéad O'Connor: Silent Night

The Irish singer Sinéad O'Connor also dared at the time to interpret a Christmas song, in this case Silent Night, one of the most popular Christmas carols, better known in Spain as “Silent Night”. Being true to her style, the artist interprets an original video, quite strange, in which she seems to be disguised as a peasant woman from the Bethlehem portal.

Sinéad, a Grammy Award winner, became famous in the 1990s for her extraordinary voice and compositions. Perhaps you know her more for the song “Nothing Compares 2 U”, in which she appears with her head completely shaved, one of her hallmarks. In 2017 she changed her name to Magda Davitt and in 2018, after converting to Islam, she was renamed Shuhada 'Davitt.

6. Michael Bublé & The Puppini Sisters: Jingle Bells

Michael Bublé plays Jingle Bells, another popular Christmas carol, in great company. In this case of The Puppini Sisters, an English harmony vocal trio composed of the Italian singer Marcella Puppini and the English singers Emma Smith and Kate Mullins. A great combination of voices that you have to see in action in the following YouTube video.

7. Coldplay: Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

Maybe you can't imagine Coldplay's Chris Martin performing a Christmas song live. But here you can see him in a video clip playing the piano while singing “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” . In addition, he does not do it alone, he is accompanied by the American television presenter Conan O'Brien.

8. Christina Aguilera: Christmas Time

The singer Christina Aguilera released in 2000 an album dedicated exclusively to Christmas and in which this theme appeared. Christmas Time is a song at this time, with a live performance that you can see on YouTube.

9. Leona Lewis: One More Sleep

The English singer Leona Lewis included in her first Christmas album, Christmas, with Love , this Christmas song, released on November 5, 2013 as the first single from the album. One More Sleep is a song for Christmas that is out of the ordinary for its cheerful and carefree touches.

10. Bruce Springsteen: Santa Claus Is Comin 'To Town

Another great topic that cannot be missing from this list of YouTube Christmas video clips is Santa Claus is Coming to Town by Bruce Springsteen. Add a rock touch to these parties and don't forget to put it at home.