ING Direct not working: app and web crash

ING Direct not working: app and web crash 1

Fourth time so far this year. Not even a month has passed since the last ING Direct crash and the service has failed again. At this very moment, the fall affects both the website and the ING Direct application , making it impossible to access online banking from any of the platforms. In the case of the application, the service shows an error message ensuring that they are working on the problem to fix it as soon as possible. The same goes for the website.

ING Direct crash: app and web not working

New drop from ING Direct. In less than a month the service has dropped up to two times, four if we start counting from the beginning of the year.

ing direct does not load does not work 0

Capture from the ING Direct website. In the blank part of the web the page should show the login form with the username and password.

The problem, as in the other cases, is related to the accessibility of the service through the mobile application for Android and iPhone and the ING Direct web platform. As we can see in the attached images, the web page does not show any access form to enter ING's online banking through the traditional login process with the username and password.

ing direct does not load does not work 1

Screenshot of the official ING Direct application for Android.

As for the ING Direct mobile application, the service displays a message similar to the one we can read in the screenshot. “For technical reasons we cannot assist you. We are working to fix it as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience. ”, Sentences the application.

Of course,  neither of the two ING Direct services allows operations related to bank accounts . Currently the basic operations of both platforms are banned and restricted. Transfers, deposits on account, withdrawals ...

At the moment none of the bank's official profiles on social networks has commented on the matter, so the origin or cause of the problem is not known dude ING Direct. As often happens in such cases,  s and expects the service is restored throughout the day . In any case, we will update the article when the application and the website are working again.