5 online stores to buy craft beers

5 online stores to buy craft beers

If beer can become a delicacy of the gods, imagine savoring an artisan one, created with detail and care, far from the industrial factories and much healthier. Thanks to the Internet, accessing these beers is much easier than in previous years. If you want to receive them at home, without having to go to a bar to drink it, and taste it on your own sofa, the quickest thing is to go to one of the many specialized stores that supply their products online.

And this is where we come in. We propose five online stores to buy craft beers in a fast, convenient and simple way. Risk free. So that the act of drinking a craft beer can be enjoyed while watching a movie at home, or over the course of a romantic dinner.

Only artisans

The name of this website makes it very clear. Here you will only find artisan wines, beers of all kinds, according to their color, origin, brewmaster, fermentation, etc. On the cover you have the most requested beers, in case you walk in blindly and don't know what to choose. They also offer suggestions for pack beers to save you money. Also, if you dare, on this page you can buy kits to make your own craft beer. Orders are made between 24 and 72 hours after leaving the producer's warehouse.

the charred

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Thousand beers

Once you confirm that you are over 18 years old, the doors of 'Thousand beers' open to you, a store where you can savor more than two hundred different craft beers from around the world, including Spain. In the upper part we have a practical search engine, in case we already know the drink we want, and in the upper bar we find different tabs to locate a beer by style, origin and packs. In addition, on the main screen, the client has a selection of beers in case they prefer to be carried away by the criteria of the site. Free shipping in 48 hours.

thousand beers

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Under such a peculiar name there is another craft beer shop that we recommend from your expert. It is one of the websites with a more attractive design that better personalizes the kinds of beers it offers, with packs as original as 'Barbarian Pack' (strong beers), 'Suavicas Pack' or 'Flanders Pack'. In addition, the client has a section in which they offer the latest news from the world of beer: 'Beer TV'. Shipments can take up to seven business days and shipping costs are not included in the final price of the beer.


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Until February 26, this craft beer shop offers free shipping, from 15 euros, for the Carnival celebration. This may be a good opportunity to enter the world of these wines or to continue trying new flavors, smells and textures. In the Solana store we will find a multitude of beers. As a curiosity, to say that this store also sells other items with beer motifs , such as umbrellas, backpacks, openers, etc.


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Yes, the online store giant also sells craft beers. And if, above all, you are a Prime customer, what you earn, since you will receive the beers without shipping costs and in the shortest possible time. The vast majority of craft beer orders ship within a day. To find the craft beers, what you should do is place 'craft beers' in the search engine and spend some time scrutinizing the results.

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