Lyricstraining, learn languages ​​with the lyrics of the songs

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One of the biggest problems we have when it comes to wanting to learn a new language and being able to practice it with relative ease is the time it will take to achieve it . And the older we get, the lazier and less time available,  while our ability to learn it diminishes.

Breaking with all these clichés is the goal of Lyricstraining, a free teaching method developed by a group of locals who already have more than half a million users around the world . An initiative whose main objective is that you have fun and enjoy learning another language in a relatively easy and simple way.

With the theme of a game, Lyricstraining combines YouTube music videos with the lyrics of the songs . This learning system delves into the unconscious so that knowledge has a passive component and evolves without the need for exams or boring short-term memorization systems. With the simple fact of practicing in front of the screen, significant advances can be noticed in certain fields of learning such as hearing acuity or the recognition of the various accents that the English language has, for example, depending on the geographical region in which talk. As well as becoming familiar with set phrases and phonetic constructions while expanding your vocabulary.

Currently, the Lyricstraining catalog has more than ten thousand music videos in its catalog . An initiative that has already garnered an award, such as the one it received last month from the XVI Seedrocket Entrepreneurs Campus. So far Lyricstraining has gained a good number of users thanks to the best publicity that can be in the world: word of mouth and the recommendations of the users themselves.

lyricstraining 01

The idea of ​​creating this platform was born about three years ago, after Ángel Fernández de Terán Ruíz, Marcela Berrío Vélez and Fernando Díaz Luque (founders of the company) realized that to learn languages, the most recurrent solutions were to attend to classes in educational centers, or use online learning platforms.

“During these years we have been in permanent contact with teachers and we have detected that educators demand and need entertaining educational tools and resources that help them to keep their students motivated inside and outside of class. In addition, there is a common problem both in language schools and among users of online platforms and that is that educational resources are boring and repetitive ” , says Díaz Luque, current CEO of Lyricstraining.

Currently, there are ten languages ​​that can be learned with Lyricstraining: English, French, Portuguese, Italian, German, Dutch, Japanese, Turkish, Spanish and Catalan . A niche market on the rise. According to a Eurostat study, more and more students in the educational system are interested in learning a language other than their native language and the knowledge of English they learn at school.

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