The best YouTube channels to do botches and fixes at home

The best YouTube channels to do botches and fixes at home

Are you a handyman? Couldn't you live without your morning DIY sessions on Sundays? Well in that case, you should know that YouTube is a mine for you. If you are not subscribed to any DIY TV channel and home fixes or if you prefer to watch the contents on demand, you have to take a look at this.

Today we wanted to select for you the best YouTube channels to do botches and arrangements at home. They are collections of videos of DIY aces that upload content often. And that they can help you (and a lot) in that of repairing a window that does not close, fixing a leak or building a bench for the terrace .

You will see that there are YouTube channels for all tastes and levels of bricomaniacs. Now you just have to dust off your toolbox and let these experts advise you .

1. Bricomania

If you are a true handyman and you are not subscribed to this YouTube channel , you still have a long way to go. It is the official channel of Bricomanía, a program that you can still watch through the Hogarmanía platform. And that are broadcast on Antena 3.

You know it is presented by a quintessential handyman, Kristian Pielhoff. Well, in this channel you will have access to all their videos and you will be able to carry out repairs, assemblies and all kinds of botched steps. And do it from the hand of a true expert.

2. Bricocrack

Bricocrack is a good YouTube channel dedicated to DIY. They do it gentlemen without too many pretenses of youtubers, but the truth is that they are very successful. It is the channel you should go to if you want to do a good renovation at home , because it includes instructions on how to build rotating furniture, make laminated plaster partitions or install suspended ceilings.

3. Briconatur

Briconatur is another DIY channel that will delight pro handymen. In this case, we are not talking about simple tricks. But of quality work. Truly useful things that will get you out of more than one trouble . And that will help you save more than one bill in carpenter or plumber.

You can learn how to restore old doors , create a wooden screen to separate rooms or build a countertop with glass blocks or paving stones.

4. Ginessot

The Ginessot Canal is also packed with cool tricks. His recordings are not so professional, but the truth is that his advice is worth gold. The videos are made from his own farm , where he does all kinds of DIY, mechanical, gardening, construction and even animal work.

Thus, you can learn from building a plasterboard partition , to creating a small cabin for chickens, making a grill for a window or repairing an electric heater.

5. ManoMano

It is actually an online store with DIY products. But at ManoMano they also have their own YouTube channel. What we like the most is that its contents are very professional. And they include tips for super handymen as well as for beginners.

Thus, you will have the possibility to learn how to hang a painting with the ring of a can , remove a nail without scratching the wall or open a bottle without a corkscrew.

6. Ideas in 5 minutes

In this channel  , quick and interesting ideas are collected  to do in a few minutes. Some have more to do with DIY. And others are simple tricks that will help you take advantage of old junk that you have at home. Or even to objects that you usually throw directly into the trash. If you like fast and effective DIY, Ideas in 5 minutes is your channel.

7. The DIY corner

In The DIY corner you will  find countless videos to do works and solve any problem you may have at home. To make their recordings and give advice they use the sponsorship of different brands. This will work for you if you have no idea what kind of tools or products to use.

In general, his advice is not very dynamic, but if you are looking for specific things, it is most likely that this channel will not even paint you. You will be able to learn to clean graffiti, to renovate a bathroom without works, to disassemble a blind to wash or to install decorative beams. The variety of tips is huge . If you are looking for very specific things, do not hesitate to consult here.

8. Your DIY Workshop

Another interesting place to learn a lot of DIY is Tu Taller de Bricolaje. The person in charge of this channel uploads a new video every Wednesday, which obviously includes an unpublished project.

It includes ideas as varied as making a Christmas star, rebuilding a broken kitchen drawer, making a decorative light box, building a wooden children's table, or putting wheels on a workbench.


AR Bricolaje is a YouTube channel with many subscribers, offering advice and step-by-step instructions for carrying out different DIY projects . What we found most interesting is that in many cases they use recycling materials. So, if you are one of those who usually take advantage of everything, you will like this.

You can make a rustic wooden lamp, a piece of furniture to use as a water dispenser, a bottle rack for liquors and wines, a support to charge your mobile and even a wooden spinner .

10. Leroy Merlin

Leroy Merlin are a reference department store for DIY lovers . There are many physical stores scattered throughout the territory, but you can also make purchases online. The videos offered through their channel are very professional and link directly, of course, to their own products.

Logically, you can use whatever you want . But if you are looking for references regarding materials and tools, the videos on this channel will come in handy.