How to download all Gmail emails and Google calendar data

Download emails from Gmail

Finally, Google has begun to roll out a function to download all our emails from Gmail and all the appointment and event data that we have stored in the Google calendar through the Takeout tool . This feature is already available for the calendar, while the function of downloading emails should reach all users throughout this month. For those users who are already lucky enough to enjoy this feature, we have step by step how to obtain a file with all the data from these services.

This news has long been expected. Google has incorporated the ability to download all Gmail emails in a single compressed file . Something that we could already do for numerous company services such as Google Drive, Google Plus or YouTube through the Google Takeout tool . To access this service from Gmail you have to open the configuration tab (through the nut-shaped icon in the upper right), then “Settings”, “Accounts” and then “Other Google account settings” . Within this window we see how there are several options on the left side of the screen. We click on"Download your data" and we will have in the form of icons the products for which there is already the possibility of downloading the files. In this case, the Calendar should appear first, and with Gmail there are already 16 products that we can make a backup of. These services include, for example, data stored on our blog on Blogger , photos from Google+ , files stored on Google Drive, or conversations we have had on Hangouts .

Google Takeout

To start this process, click on the button "Create a file" . In the next window, all the services that we can select are shown in a list, followed by the type of file format that we are going to save and the possibility of editing the options by means of the “Edit” option . In the case of Gmail , users can access between downloading all emails or downloading only emails that have certain labels. This option is very useful if, for example, we want to download only the selection of emails that we have crossed with our partner or with friends, by entering a certain tag. Emails are saved in MBOX format .

On the other hand, in the case of mail, the selection is made between the inclusion of all the calendars that the user has created in Google or with the selection of one or more calendars from among those that we have used. This file is downloaded in the iCalendar format used by the Google tool . Normally, the calendar data will take up little space and will be quick to download, while we can spend a good timewaiting to finish downloading our email data. In the next window we will see a process bar with a percentage that allows us to check where the program is in the backup. In addition, in the event that the file is very large, we can mark the option that an email will reach us when it is available for download. One of the great advantages of Google Takeout is that we can create the backup of several Google services in a single file .

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