Parrot Bebop 2 Power, we have tested it

Parrot Bebop 2 Power, we have tested it

Parrot, the firm specialized in drones, presented the Parrot Bebop 2 Power, a drone with a very interesting design and surprising specifications, such as longer flight hours, and the possibility of flying it with different modes. We have been able to test this quad-expert and then we will tell you all the information and our experience.

Of course, a drone needs to have a much more ergonomic design to be able to fly well, and withstand different blows, gusts of wind or speeds. The Parrot Bebop 2 Power is mainly made of plastic, it is a light material and quite resistant to shocks . Some parts of the drone, such as the front, are covered with a kind of rubber to resist shocks. The propellers are also made of plastic, and they hold up very well. Some highlights of the design are its flexible propellers. On the other hand, The Bebop 2 Power has two batteries, spare parts for the propellers and a control. As well as virtual reality glasses.

Flight experience

The first time the drone is turned on to fly, we will have to calibrate all the sensors. Through the application we can follow the instructions. Once calibrated, it will ask us to start the flight, and it will automatically rise to one meter in height . From there, we can start flying. Of course, it is advisable to raise it to a safe height, and if it is the first time, it is advisable to do it in a flat place, where there are not many trees.

parrot bebop 2 power flight

The drone controls are very practical. The remote has several buttons for navigation. We have two Joysticks on each side to control the rise and fall, as well as the return. On the other side we can go forward, backward, to the right or to the left. In addition, on the back we have buttons that will allow us to control the camera. One serves to move it up and down. The others will allow us to change the exposure and light of the camera. On the other hand, it has a home button.

The Return Home function allows the drone to return to its take-off place automatically. A very interesting option if we have lost sight of it, there is a risk of falling or we simply want to make it return automatically. By GPS, the drone knows where it has taken off, although it is not very exact. On the other hand, it does not land completely, but stays a couple of meters in the air. We will be the one who authorizes the landing. How? Through a button in the center of the remote. This has a round shape with two arrows, and will allow us to take off and land the Bebop 2 Power. Among other buttons, we find the settings, and two accesses to take a picture or start recording video.

Parrot control Bebop 2 power

Sport mode

Sport mode is a very, very fun mode. Although it is advisable to use it when you already have experience, and, above all, with great caution, because the drone reaches much faster than with the standard mode . First of all, we must emphasize that this mode does not allow video recording or taking pictures with the drone. Of course, the sport mode elevates the drone much faster. It also drops it quickly. Also, it consumes much more battery.

Other modes that we must highlight is that of Cameraman. With this option, the drone recognizes the subject and will record the subject continuously, even if the person or object is moving. It is very useful if, for example, we are doing a race, with the bicycle in the mountains or taking a ride in the mountains.

Parrot Bebop 2 Power, we have tested it 1

To the modes to record video we must highlight the Magic Dronies Mode. It allows us to capture video-selfies with four different modes (Orbit, Tornado, Parabola or Boomerang).

And talk about the battery, we note that this drone has two removable batteries s. Of course, only one can be used on the drone. The battery is 3350 mAh. In standard mode, that is, recording, it has given us a flight duration of about 20 minutes. In sports mode, the battery consumes much faster, and the duration is around 10 minutes. On the other hand, the battery is charged using a special cable that is included in the product box.


In order to start the application, we must go to the Play Store or to the App Store. Once downloaded, we accept the app's policy and proceed to synchronize the drone. The fastest way is to connect the mobile to the remote using a cable that is included in the box. Then we connect the drone and the app will open automatically. We can also do it through WI-FI if we want to control the drone only with the mobile, although this function is not so precise.

The interface of the app is very simple. It has a main panel where we can quickly access the camera mode. If the drone is turned on, we can see everything the camera sees. In addition, we have different controls, in case we want to control the drone through the mobile phone, although the command is much more precise. On the other hand, in the application we can also manage the storage , which is 7 GB. There we can see all the videos and photographs that the Bebop 2 Power has taken. In addition, it is from the application where we must transfer the multimedia files to our device.

The app has different categories and services to obtain a better flight experience. We can download apps separately to get different modes, such as tracking, although in these modes you need a paid subscription.

Bepop 2 Power Visor

Parrot drone viewer

The Parrot drone comes with a viewer so that you can see at the moment what the drone is recording. First of all, we must emphasize that the viewfinder does not allow viewing at 260 degrees, so the immersion experience can be improved . On the other hand, the video quality is very good, and we hardly see any cuts.

To be able to use the viewer we need to connect the device to the drone or the controller and dock the mobile to the viewer. Once inserted into the slot, one person must operate the controls, while the other person can see what the drone is recording. It is not at all recommended to handle the drone while using the viewer. We must know at all times where the drone is.

Video on the Bebop 2 Power

The Bebop 2 Power drone allows us to record video in Full HD up to 60 fps, with a 1 / 2.3 ″ 14 Mpx CMOS camera and 3-axis stabilization. We have been able to take different shots with the drone and the truth is that, when viewing the video already transferred, the quality is excellent. The resolution is sufficient to be able to enjoy the landscape in full detail, good light, fluid movements and excellent detail. Maybe we would have liked a little more color in the shots.

On the other hand, the fluidity of the camera is impressive , the drone perfectly withstands gusts of wind, and we have only seen a couple of tremors due to this problem, especially when we force the drone to descend quickly.

Conclusions and price

Parrot Bebop 2 Power, we have tested it 2

The Bebop 2 Power is an excellent, stable drone and very suitable for all kinds of circumstances . We know that it is not the most powerful drone on the market, nor the fastest, but it perfectly fulfills its mission. The highlights are the modes of this drone, which are mainly focused on video recording, as well as the flight experience. The application is really useful to be able to take good photos and video shots. And speaking of the recording, the truth is that we love the images we have obtained, first-class shots with smooth movements and excellent quality. Of course, in the photographs we lose a little more quality.

As for the experience and stability of the drone, we have no problem. With the control we get fluid movements, and the drone settings help , although we would have liked sensors that warn us if we are getting too close to a danger, such as a tree or wall. On the other hand, the stability is excellent, it hardly makes sudden movements, not even with the sport mode, where the drone reaches much more speed.

Parrot Bebop 2 Power, we have tested it 3

The battery life is what we expected, the firm ensures that each battery lasts half an hour, and although it has not given us that long, the truth is that 20 minutes for each battery is not bad at all. The controller has a much longer battery life, even reaching flight time. We must remember that in the event that the drone control runs out of battery, we can continue to control it with our mobile as long as we have it linked and connected.

A very complete app for a very complete drone

Parrot Bebop 2 Power, we have tested it 4

And what did we think of the application? Without a doubt, Parrot has managed to create an intuitive app at the level of its products, We find the interface incredible, perfectly adapted and with very interesting settings, the possibility of managing the storage and being able to send them to the device in a very simple way we have loved it, although we would have liked the possibility of being able to play the video without having to send it first to the device, in this way, we would not have to wait the time it takes to transfer. Finally, we can only talk about the viewer. It is comfortable, and adapts to any type of head, the synchronization is incredibly fast, and the image quality is very good. We miss a more complete image, that is, eliminating the black edges that affects the experience a bit.

In short, the Parrot Bebop 2 Power drone , with a price of 600 euros , is a product that we have loved, it is perfect for those users who are starting in the world of drones with its very useful and easy-to-learn modes. As well as for those more expert users with the sports mode or the control options. Without a doubt, an option to consider.