These are the best tricks for Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts tricks

Hangouts is one of the most used messaging programs. It is available for both PC and mobile devices with Android or iOS platforms . Far from stagnating, Google continues working on its development and little by little new functions are being added. It has recently been possible to synchronize with email and text messages. It is also expected to play an important role in the Fi Project of Google once you start to be active.

If you usually use it daily, surely you think you are familiar enough with it and that you know all the tricks. Just in case, we are going to remind you that this messaging application is much more complete than you think. For example, do you know that you can see the messages you have in Hangouts the same as emails? You just have to access your Gmail inbox from a web browser and click the " More " button , which appears at the top. Inside you will see a chat option . Click here to see a list of your Hangouts conversations in the same format as your emails.

Google Hangouts tricks

If you use the service on Android Lollipop , you need to take into account that anyone who picks up your device will be able to see parts of the conversations on the blocking panel itself. Avoid this by going into "Settings", "Sound and Notifications" "Application notifications". Select Hangouts and click on "Confidential." The option may not appear on other phones or may be called "Disable persistent notifications."

If you want, you can use Hangouts as the default application for Android text messages . In this way, you can see the messages you receive mixed with the messaging conversations. To activate this option go to Settings> SMS and click on the option above. Another of the tricks that you may not know is the fact that you can decide at any time who you want to contact you through the service. Go to Settings and click on the email address. Then choose "Personalize invitations to decide who can send you a message directly."

The Hangouts home screen widget may be quite simple, but it is a very convenient way to check your conversations and see if you have new messages without having to open the application. Configure the widget by tapping an empty area on a home screen. Now select Applications and Widgets and tap on Hangouts . On the other hand, you may know, but Hangouts keeps a copy of all your messages. If you don't want to store conversations you can delete all messages . To do this, select a conversation, touch the menu button and choose Clear history . When you do this, all your messages will be deleted automatically after a period of time.

Do you know more tricks about Google Hangouts? Any that does not appear in this article and you want the whole world to know? Do not hesitate to explain it to us from the comments section .

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