Facebook Messenger will allow you to add contacts even if they are not your friends

Facebook Messenger

Apparently Facebook will shortly allow us to talk to contacts through Messenger without having them on the platform itself. In this way, the social network wants to disassociate itself a bit from its messaging application to be able to walk hand in hand, but without getting in the way too much. This new function could be activated through a button, which would allow adding contacts to Messenger without having to be forcefully on Facebook .

Some users who have tried the new Messenger beta would have noticed a new message that would warn them of an interesting novelty. As can be seen in the image, when adding a new contact, a pop-up message would appear instantly to expressly alert that even if we add it to Messenger, it will not become our Facebook friend . This means that we can add as many contacts as we want without having the obligation that they first have to be part of the social network. The objective of Facebook is to be able to reach as many users as possible, and to simplify, incidentally, the use of many people who want to maintain the privacy of their Facebook accounts and they need to talk to someone specific through the messaging app

Facebook Messenger

This is just the latest of many changes the Mark Zuckerberg firm is testing . The most recent one is related to automatic video playback in the mobile application. Basically, it will allow users to choose a new method to reproduce sound on demand. For now, this new feature is only available in the beta version and it will take some time to reach the final version. Of course, everything indicates that it will be an option that Facebook will introduce in Messenger sooner or later.

Some time ago, the CEO of the company explained why Facebook Messenger works as an independent application. Zuckerberg pointed out that, despite the fact that the objective of Facebook is to give information about the users that we have added as friends, users of the social network increasingly use the messaging service. In the words of Zuckerberg : "Each person sends at least fifteen messages a day." The firm realized that its main rivals have this type of system , since they are focused on maintaining a conversation. Zuckerberg admitted at the time that it can be annoying in the short term,but he is aware that soon the users will get used to it. As the founder of the platform points out, the company has made every effort to create an application that serves exclusively to send and receive messages. Apparently, Facebook developed the app for the benefit of users, although many users do not perceive it this way. In any case, the social network continues to improve day by day and is one of the most demanded today.