Pocket Ball, the battery with which to charge your mobile while you play Pokémon GO

pocket ball

We have known for a long time the existence of a Pokéball capable of charging our mobile . We are talking about an external battery camouflaged in the housing of one of these characteristic balls to hunt Pokémon . Of course, an object of almost manual manufacture and that was sold expensively over the Internet. However, external battery manufacturers have been able to get on the bandwagon in time and, as we have seen in our visit to IFA 2016 , there are already affordable, powerful and useful models to prevent our mobile from dying in the middle of the hunt.

The Hyper stand showed us what their proposals are to conquer Pokémon GO players who want to extend their games and personalize their shakes with external batteries that do not opt ​​for a small size, but for a colorful design. Pokeballs more or less adjusted to the designs of the franchise that are not only showy, they are also useful and, thanks to their production, allow them to compete with more realistic and affordable prices for all budgets.

These are portable or external batteries with a capacity of 6,000 mAh in the models that we had the opportunity to test and that will reach the market in the next few days. This means having a reserve of between two and three more charges for our devices , depending on their battery capacity. Or what is the same, play Pokémon GO for several hours without worries.

pocket ball

Like any external battery or powerbank on the market, it has a 5V / 1.5 A Micro USB input , with which to charge this battery for a few hours. It should not be forgotten that they have a large capacity, so the duration of the charge can be extended for more than a couple of hours. Of course, they have a USB outlet to connect the cable directly to the mobile and supply power continuously.

Along with these connections, Hyper models have two buttons . One allows to illuminate the four LED light points that identify the current charge level of the Pokéball . The other, however, activates other LED lights that decorate the device , illuminating several stripes to give luminosity in a dark environment and to give an even more striking touch to this device. Of course, it breaks with the franchise's own lines in terms of design. All this in a ball with a diameter of 108 millimeters and a weight of 236 grams . Something that, of course, does not make it the most comfortable and transportable portable battery on the market, but that is not its goal.

The good thing is that its price is below 30 euros, without shipping costs or other additional costs that have been seen in the homemade and manual versions of these loading Pokéballs . In addition, it can be purchased within a few days in large technology stores such as MediaMarkt or El Corte Inglés , among many others, according to those responsible. At the moment, for the Spanish market, they have only confirmed the most futuristic designs of these Pokéballs , without the arrival of the design without LED lights that can be seen in the photo at the top of this article is expected.