Wikiwand, the Wikipedia reader modernizing the Internet's largest encyclopedia

Wikiwand, the Wikipedia reader modernizing the Internet's largest encyclopedia

Wikipedia is one of the wonders of the Internet, as it allows us to access a large amount of current information and completely free of charge. One of the few drawbacks it has is that its interface has hardly changed over the years, and it looks quite dated. Wikiwand is a modern reader that comes to solve this.

Wikiwand revolutionizes Wikipedia

Wikiwand is a Wikipedia reader that comes in the form of an extension for the Firefox and Chrome browsers. Wikiwand has been created by and for Wikipedia fans. This open source encyclopedia has more than 35 million articles related to a myriad of topics, all of them translated into approximately 288 languages.

A great cover letter for a product that lacks another essential aspect, its physical appearance. Wikipedia has existed for 17 years and its aesthetic has barely changed in all these years . The problem is not only aesthetic, as it is not able to take advantage of all the capabilities of the advanced smartphones that we use today.

Wikiwand revolutionizes Wikipedia

Wikiwand transforms the way Wikipedia works. This extension keeps all the existing information in the encyclopedia, but shows it to you in a much more attractive , modern way and above all better adapted to current technologies. All Wikipedia articles are freely licensed, so this extension will have no problems with any of them.

How to install Wikiwand

To install it, we only need to go to the official website of the project and click on the download option for our browser .

Wikipedia Wikiwand reader

After that, a new tab will open within the extensions store for our browser, we just have to click on the corresponding button to add the extension to our Firefox or Chrome.

Install Wikipedia Wikiwand reader

We can only confirm the operation.

Install Wikipedia Reader Wikiwand 2

After this we will have Wikiwand installed in our browser.

How to use Wikiwand

Once you have installed Wikiwand you can start using this extension right away. All you have to do is go to Wikipedia and search for any of its articles . The result will be shown to you using Wikiwand technology without you having to do anything else.

For example, if we search for Samsung we get the following:

Using the Wikipedia Wikiwand reader

A spectacular result that has nothing to do with what we are used to seeing. We leave you a gallery of images comparing Wikipedia articles with Wikiwand and without the extension.