How to use Facebook's advanced search


In general, searching on Facebook is pretty straightforward . It is enough to introduce the name of the subject we want to see (or the place, or the artist or the group ...) so that we will immediately see a few suggestions, often correct, of what we are looking for exactly. Sometimes, however, we are not so clear what that person's name was, or by what data we can locate that restaurant that a friend has recommended to us. For these kinds of circumstances there is the advanced search tool . Today we want to tell you how to find everything, everything and everything on Facebook . Let's go there!

1. If you are not inside already, the first thing you have to do is access Facebook . Log in to your account, entering your username and password. You are already inside.

Facebook search

2. Next, you will have to write the phrase or keywords of your search . You have to do it in the white box at the top. We have already indicated that you can search for anything, not just people. That is, if you are looking for an application, a place or a page that interests you, the results should be just as accurate.

3. But don't forget that we want to access the advanced search. When you type the phrase or words, a whole series of proposals will appear before you. Forget about them and click on the last option available in this menu: See all results for… and the words entered will appear here .


4. When you click on the option that we have indicated, a new page will open with suggestions for the search you have made. But on the left side of the page will appear the options that interest us now and that will help us to go a little further with respect to the results. You see it? It is the Result Type column .

5. What you can do now to further refine your search is to click on one of the options presented here. In this way, your searches will be restricted and you will only see the results that interest you. You have the following options: People, Pages, Places, Groups, Applications and Events .


6. If you click on the People option , a new advanced search menu will open. Here you can add new search parameters to find that person who may match the profile of the one you are looking for. You have the option of entering new more specific parameters such as Friend in common, Location, Academic background or Place of work . However, you must bear in mind that if that person has not incorporated any of this information into their profile or has restricted it for privacy, you will not be able to find it. This with respect to people.

7. If you are looking for a place, such as a restaurant, a hotel or a museum , you will also have many other options to refine your search and find exactly what interests you. To test this option, write, for example, "restaurant" and access this advanced search section as we have indicated. If you click on the Places option , a column with a series of complementary search parameters will be displayed before you, such as: the type of food served by the restaurant (breakfasts, lunches, dinners); the cuisine (Afghan, Italian, Basque, Asian ...) and the price range. You can also request to see those that are popular with your friends. And the same with all other options: hotels, bars, cafes, nightlife, shopping, hotels, landmarks, outdoors, and museums.

8. When you have found the person, page or place you are looking for , simply click on it. Take a look at her profile, ask her for friendship or make a reservation at the restaurant. You can also save the option in favorites , so you don't have to search for it again in the future.

Now you know how to do advanced searches on Facebook. Easy right?